Which one is more compatible for your business premises Aluminum roller shutters OR Steel roller shutters

Wednesday February 27, 2019
Which one of the two alternatives is more feasible for your business premises

Which one is more compatible for your business premises Aluminum roller shutters OR Steel roller shutters

The roller shutters are an undisputed option for placement in every business premise. They are available in many materials, colors, designs, and finishes which have made them popular largely. The most common type of roller shutters which are set up in business establishments are the aluminum shutters and steel shutters. Both the type of shutters have their own pros and cons which make them ideal for different business buildings. Still many are confused or unaware about the type of roller shutter which would most suit their business and they end up choosing a wrong one.

Aluminum roller shutters

The aluminum roller shutter as the name suggests uses aluminum as a material for its formation. Aluminum is a light-weight material that is a safe and secure option providing medium level security to the premises. It is an economic and affordable option. Another benefit that it offers is that like all roller shutters it is a space-saving option. One more feature of aluminum shutters is that they can be painted in the desired finish as per the business requirements. They can be used for business branding and thus during the non-business hours they can be a source of advertising and promotion by attracting customers through their presentation. The aluminum shutter repair is also very economical and does not burn a hole in the pocket of the businessman. Additionally, they are rust and corrosion-free so just wiping them off with a dry brush or soft muslin cloth can help with their cleanliness.

Steel roller shutters

The steel roller shutters are made of heavy gauge steel and provide ultimate security to the business. When these are deployed, all the security concerns of the business owner are totally eliminated as they are made of roust steel. Thus, they are ideal for those business establishments which are located in the outskirts of the city which are less or scarcely populated. They are also suitable for those businesses where the appearance of the exteriors holds little or no importance and the areas where the crime rate is relatively high thereby making higher chances for the business building to be attacked by burglars or shoplifters. The steel roller shutter maintenance is affordable and the businessmen can get them repaired once a year for their better performance. Rather, they can be easily maintained by the business owner himself as they only need lubrication and light cleaning for the easy rolling function of up and down. The prime focus remains to be maintaining the security of the business building and assets lying therein from being shoplifted by thieves or burglars. In general, aluminum shutters are more widely used in today’s business establishments than the steel shutters.