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Why Choose Sliding Doors in London?

Sliding Doors London: Times have changed and so have the way we enter our buildings. In the olden days, wooden doors were the only option we had for entering or exiting. As time passed by and new techniques evolved, it was possible to use Automatic doors. In the early years, only the rich could afford the privilege of having glass doors. Soon it became affordable for the common man.

A few years later, the sliding doors were made available to the common population. They brought about a sort of a mini-revolution with them. They could be installed anywhere and could be made to open or shut automatically. ADV has been in the glass doors business ever since they were incepted and providing the Sliding Doors Installation repair and maintenance services. With ADV, you can expect the finest sliding glass doors to adorn your home, office or commercial outlet. Today,  they are a common feature and can be seen anywhere and everywhere. In fact, they are more often the choice for film Cineplex , malls and high-end retail stores and fashion houses.

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  • It’s time to summaries Sliding Doors advantages-

    1. Get in touch with the external elements

    Get the outdoors right in with our exclusive glass sliding doors which come in the top to bottom size, giving you the maximum view of your garden. You can expect to have a lot of sunlight in your room and see the rain trickling during the rainy season. It will be a blessing to stay so well connected with nature while being protected.You can even enjoy the warmth in the cold days.


    1. Add good looks to your home

    Which homemaker doesn’t want his or her home to reflect his taste for perfection? We understand this need; therefore we present the elegant range of French doors. These come beautifully framed in metal frames, which only enhance the elegance. They make your home look as stunning as ever.Need we mention that it adds to your convenience as well?


    1. Be a space saver

    Well, all are money savers; you can become space saver too. With their ability to slide and not swing inside or outside, they hardly need any space to open or close. The gliding panels don’t need extra space for operation, so it’s another point in their kitty.


    1. Ease of access

    We understand that you don’t want to push, pull and struggle with the doors for merely going out or stepping in. These doors come without a knob and latch, they are easily opened with the help of a gentle push by the hand. It’s going to be the best thing in summers when you tend to move out quite often.

    1. Energy efficient

    The sliding doors score a plus when it comes to energy efficiency. If we consider the conventional doors, they don’t really conserve energy. You can’t go wrong with sliding doors in this aspect though. With the use of multi-pane glass and thermal insulation, the doors prevent the sound and the weather from bothering you. The doors also come with weather stripping which makes weather and heat proof. It also acts as an effective sound barrier. It goes without saying that these doors offer the perfect barrier from unpleasant weather and unwanted noise.

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