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Sizing Considerations for Industrial Roller Shutters to Fit Your Space


Ever wondered why choosing the right industrial roller shutters is critical to your business? The answer lies in these shutters’ blend of security, functionality, and energy efficiency. Adequately fitted shutters ensure maximum security and operational ease, making them indispensable for any industrial space. 

The proper  installation of roller shutters serve a multifaceted purpose, whether shielding against adverse weather, enhancing thermal insulation, or securing your premises after hours. At ADV Shutters, we specialise in providing industrial roller shutter services includes , roller shutter repair, shutter installation services and more across the UK. 

With a robust range of roller shutter doors tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients, from insulated doors for energy efficiency to high-security shutters for ultimate protection, we ensure that each installation is meticulously tailored to both your aesthetic and functional requirements. Trust in our experienced team to deliver products and peace of mind.

Factors to consider while choosing the size of an Industrial roller shutter


Determining the required space is crucial to ensure a perfect fit and proper functionality when planning to install industrial roller shutters. Here’s a detailed look at the space considerations:

Space Requirements for Industrial Roller Shutters

  1. Headroom Above the Opening:
    • Description: This is the space above the door opening where the shutter box is installed.
    • Minimum Requirement: Typically, standard shutters require at least 450mm of headroom. For larger or insulated roller shutters, this requirement might increase to between 600mm and 700mm.
  2. Sideroom Along the Opening:
    • Description: This refers to the space on each side of the shutter required for the installation of guide rails and operating mechanisms.
    • Minimum Requirement: Generally, a minimum of 150mm on each side is required. This can vary depending on the complexity and size of the shutter mechanism.
  3. Depth of the Shutter Roll:
    • Description: The depth or thickness of the rolled-up shutter when fully open. This depends on the height and type of shutter material.
    • Calculation: This is typically calculated by the diameter of the roll, which increases with the height of the door. For instance, shutters up to 4 meters might have a roll diameter of approximately 300mm.
  4. Operational Space:
    • Description: Space needed in front of and behind the shutter to allow for safe operation without obstruction.
    • Consideration: Ensure enough room for the shutter to operate without hitting vehicles, equipment, or other objects.

Shutter Height

Headroom Required

Sideroom Required (Each Side)

Depth of Roll

Total Width Clearance

Up to 2.5m




Door width + 300mm

2.5m to 4m




Door width + 300mm

4m to 6m




Door width + 300mm

Over 6m




Door width + 300mm

How do you choose Industrial Roller Shutters?

  • Variety and Adaptability: Whether for warehouses or retail stores, the right industrial roller shutter doors provide security and ease of access. Our extensive range includes everything from insulated doors to electric operation options.
  • Location Specific Solutions: Searching for “industrial roller shutter doors near me in London”? We offer solutions tailored to specific locations, ensuring you get the best fit for your industrial unit.
  • Maintenance and Parts: From industrial roller shutter door parts to comprehensive roller shutter maintenance plans, keeping your shutters in top condition is easier than ever with our expert services.
  • Customisation Options: We offer a wide range of doors, including roller garage doors and sectional overhead doors, so you can customise them to meet your operational requirements.
  • Cost Efficiency: Investing in durable and energy-efficient shutters like our insulated industrial roller shutter doors is cost-effective and enhances thermal insulation.

How Do Industrial Roller Shutters Enhance Your Business Security?

  • Unwavering Security: Opt for industrial roller shutters with robust materials and advanced locking mechanisms that promise maximum security. Our products stand as a steadfast barrier against intrusions and storm damage.
  • Remote Access and Control: The convenience of remote control and electric operation transforms how you manage access to your premises, offering security and flexibility.
  • Professional Installation: Our experienced team of Industrial Door Engineers ensures that every installation meets strict safety standards and operational demands, providing peace of mind.
  • Tailored Solutions: Whether you need commercial roller shutter doors for extensive industrial premises or compact designs for smaller spaces, we have the capability to tailor solutions to your specific needs.
  • Ongoing Support and Service: From routine maintenance to emergency repairs, our industrial roller shutter door service ensures your business operates smoothly without interruptions.

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Why Choose ADV Shutters for Your Industrial Needs?


Choosing ADV Shutters for your shutter repair services needs means partnering with a seasoned team that excels in delivering top-quality industrial roller shutter doors across the UK, including insulated options and comprehensive door services. Our shutters are designed for a variety of applications, from commercial properties to industrial units, ensuring maximum security and operational efficiency.

We stand out with competitive prices and an extensive range of doors, all backed by our commitment to stellar customer service and ongoing maintenance support. Whether you require installation near London or tailored solutions for your specific business requirements, ADV Shutters guarantees a cost-effective, secure, and energy-efficient resolution to protect and enhance your industrial property.

Wrapping It Up!


Choosing the right industrial roller shutters is not just about security; it’s about integrating practicality with efficiency to support your business operations. At ADV Shutters, we provide a wide variety of applications servies, from commercial buildings to industrial properties or industrial roller shutter parts, all backed by our extensive experience and dedication to excellence.

We invite you to discuss your specific requirements with us. Let’s ensure your premises are as “fit as a fiddle”—secure, efficient, and perfectly matched to your requirements.