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Shopfronts in North London: In a modern building, the shopfront is built using the latest and advanced technology and method. The first thing anyone will notice when they visit your store or building is the front of the shop. But you have to follow certain principles while installing the shopfront.


Store or business owner who is installing shopfront in London must consider this important element. The fascia is the most prominent and uppermost element as provide space for the hoarding on which the name of the shop is displayed. In traditional shop front, it was made using timber which was hand-painted. Always keep in mind that, there should be space between the first floor and the top of the fascia. Additionally, the depth of fascia is very crucial part and it should not be too deep (generally less than c.400mm).


Whether you want to display simple or more decorative moulding, cornice frame is very beneficial and it also protects the shopfront. Traditionally, it was used in house to conceal the retractable blinds or awing.


Pilasters are generally used to divide or distinguish the shop from its adjacent neighbors. It also helps in providing longer shopfronts. The pilasters contain three components which are plinth, trunk and a capital. They are of a different material which is plaster, granite or terracotta and they also define the overall width of the shop. The typical width of pilaster is between 150–250mm.

Entrance door

The doorway is also used to provide shelter to those who are entering or leaving your shop or store. No doubt, it is an integral part of the entire composition and it is important that it should match and fit perfectly into the door frame. Usually, the door is made either using brass or iron.


The glass of the shopfront should be properly glazed as it will make it more strong and it can withstand different conditions. It is important that horizontal and vertical bar should be glazed which are in proportion to the upper floor. If the material is not glazed then it will give an unpleasant look to the shopfront and if it will break then it is very expensive to get them repaired.

Window display

The use of window display helps the shop owner to display their best product which will help in increasing their customer base. Keep in mind, that you don’t put stickers or posters outside the window display as it will affect the overall appearance of the shop. It should provide a clear view to the customers without anything coming in front of the product.


The main purpose of shopfront signage is to inform the customers with the name and the nature of the shop or store. You must display the signage clearly and carefully. It is essential that only appropriate context is mentioned in a simple yet creative way.


To protect the shopfronts in North London from the low-level stall-riser is very helpful. Stall-riser provides a strong base as well as it creates a perfect base for window display and it provides protection also. With this, you don’t have to install bollard outside the shopfront. Additionally, they should not be less than 50cm in height.

Used for:

  • Office Partitioning
  • Showroom Entrances
  • Retail Security Screens
  • Office, School, Hospital and Medical Reception Entrances
  • Retail Store Fronts & Display Windows

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Best Company in North London to get Aluminium Shop Fronts & Doors


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