A facade or entryway of a retail store located on the ground floor or street level of a commercial building, typically including one or more display windows.


Particularly appropriate for the shops like showrooms. It attracts the target customers toward your business and helps in its growth. The glass can be decorated as per your need and choice. Glass shop fronts with roller shutters are one of the most modern shop fronts and ADV provides you with the perfect shop fronts for your business.

The toughened shop fronts are designed according to our clients requirements and its thickness ranges from 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 or 159(mm). The individual can decide whether they need a single or a double door shop front opened with hands, self or automatically.


ADV shutters is experienced in installing aluminium shop fronts for kind of retail and private enterprises. The best feature of this category is it is long lasting, corrosion resistant and suitable for all types of weather. These are available in all colors, can be operated manually or automatically. Shop fronts are thermally efficient. Special types of glass with aluminium frames are

  1. Laminated glass
  2. Wire glass
  3. Tinted glass
  4. Smoked glass
  5. Toughened glass



Bi-folding shop fronts and sliding doors are easy to operate and very versatile, no floor tracks, removable mullions, or the need for complicated bulk heads. These gives the best flexibility in design and can be operated without the motorization. Bi-fold shop front could completely be folded to the sides for complete ventilation or locked completely to save energy as per your needs.


A curtain wall is a system designed to create a practical facade with the option of sloped and facet shaped glazing allowing maximum light into small or multi- story buildings. There is a rapid on-site installation for seamless glass to glass joints of this polyamide thermal break system. The system accommodates all smarts windows, doors and horizontal sliders. The high rise curtain walling basic suite of profiles comprise of main sections 50mm x 50mm, 75mm x 50mm, 100mm x 50mm, 125mm x 50mm150mm x 50mm, 200mm x 50mm and 230mm x 50mm The low rise curtain walling basic suits of profiles comprises of main sections measuring 103mm x 50mm, 78mm x 50mm, 78mm x 50mm and 75mm x 50mm.


The automatic door is increasingly becoming a must for many different user categories such as banks, shopping malls, airports, hotels etc. The automatic door range is designed to provide you additional accessibility convenience. Our solutions includes automatic sliding, folding and swing doors as well as bespoke systems for unusual applications. Our experienced in-house design team works with architects and facilities managers to ensure complete customer satisfaction.


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