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Emergency Glass Replacement in London

ADV is specialized in planned and preventative maintenance, our emergency shop fronts repair service is known as the speediest service in UK. We are praised for delivering the right parts at the right time and places and all this makes your shop stand out in the crowd. Each technician hired will arrive on the site with the proper supplies and will complete all the repair work in an appropriate manner. We ensure that your space will be made secure, whether the damage occurs at night or day. Unlike regular glasses, we have a better quality of glasses that will protect your shop front better and it includes:

  1. Toughened glass
  2. Laminated security glass
  3. Fire glass
  4. Frosted glass
  5. Tinted toughened glass
  6. Wired glass

We comprehend the need of emergency services and that is why we offer or customers effective, fast and 24 hour service handling damages done to shutters, doors, shop fronts and facades.


It is processed by heat or chemical treatment to increase its strength compared to normal annealed glass. Its thickness is about 6mm to 19mm. When the glass is tempered by design, it creates balanced internal stress which causes the glass to break into smaller size instead of splintering into random jagged shards. This product is typically used as doors and side panels, windows, shower doors, screens window and table tops.


Laminated glass can be of two or more layers of toughened glass held in place together by an inter-layer typically of PVB (polyvinyl butyral) between the glasses. The inter-layer keeps the layers of glass bonded together when broken and produces a spider web cracking pattern when the impact is not enough to completely pierce the glass. Laminated glass is normally used when there is a possibility of human impact or where the glass could fall if shattered, skylight glazing, and gives added security. The PVB inter layer also gives a much higher sound insulating rating due to the damping effect and also blocks out 99% of incoming UV radiations. The thickness of the glass varies as 6.4mm, 8.8mm and 10.8 mm.


Frosted glass provides privacy and still allows light transmission; this is most commonly used in bathrooms and the changing areas where sensitivity is of utmost importance. It is obscured with a pattern that has been applied during the raw material manufacturing process. It can be cut and toughened if required. ADV offers a specific, measure; manufacture supply. For services please contact our team for more information.


Tinted toughened glass is a colored float glass, made by adding metals to achieve different color tones. it has a high degree of energy absorption thereby minimizes the heat passing through the glass, adaptable and convenient for all applications, easy to process and clean. Toughened glasses can be heat strengthened, laminated and used as insulated glass units for double glazing. Various colors available like gold, bronze, grey, blue, green etc, its thickness varies from 6mm to 12mm.


The wire mesh glass has a grid or mesh of thin metal embedded within the glass. It is actually weaker than unwired glass due to the incursions of the wire into the structure of the glass. The wired glass is used for its fire- resistant abilities and is well rated to withstand heat and hose streams, this is why wired glasses are commonly used in service elevators to prevent fire ingress to the shaft .the wires prevent the glass from falling out of the frames even if it cracks under thermal stress and is therefore more resistant than a laminating material.


ADV offers a wide range of fire glasses. We supply the fire resistant glasses that gives the integrity only or integrity and insulation both, this gives you the safety and fire rating you require. Fire glass can also be manufactured as part of a double glazing unit. Their integrity rated is 30 to 60 minutes.

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