Roller Shutter Repair & Maintenance in Lewisham

Wednesday September 12, 2018
The Questionnaire About Roller Shutters

Roller Shutter Repair & Maintenance in Lewisham

  1. Which option is better - in reveal or on wall install, how do they vary?

In reveal version of roller shutter, the   box guide and curtain are installed within the window opening. An on-wall version of the roller shutter indicates that the box is installed above the window and the guide is outside the wall. Our team specializes in roller shutter repair and installation. Summon ADV's team for shutter installation in Lewisham.

  1. What choices are available for controlling roller shutters?

There are many choices available-manual, battery operated or switch on a wall. The manual kind can further be diversified into a winder or a strap box. The battery operated version is controlled by an e port handset. The electric version can be operated by a wall switch or a remote.

  1. Which version to opt for - ODS battery or hard-wired versions?

ODS battery is independent of the power supply of the house as it is not wired to the mains. It doesn't require the intervention of an electrician. It can still be operated if there is no power in the house. Electric version needs the intervention of an electrician as it needs to be connected to the mains of the house. It can't be operated if there is no power in the house.

  1. Is it possible to operate all the shutters from inside the home?

Yes, keeping in mind the security aspect, all the shutters can be operated from inside the house. Other options are also available if they are required.

  1. Do shutters help in screening sound?

Roller shutters can help in reducing noise to a great extent. Though they can't guarantee to soundproof, they help in reducing sound to half the original level.

  1. How do I maintain my roller shutters?

Be sure that you clean while the curtain is in a closed position. Clean with a hosepipe and wipe with a cloth in upward and downward fashion. It is advisable to use only non-abrasive cleaning agents. During a windstorm, don't leave it half open or half closed as they might get damaged. Keep them fully closed or open in such cases. In case any repair is needed, call up our team for shutter repair in Lewisham.