Roller Shutter Repair in Holborn – Midnight break in

Sunday June 17, 2018

Roller Shutter Repair in Holborn – Midnight break in

Roller Shutter Repair in Holborn - Midnight Break in 

Advanced Shopfront and Shutters received a call at 2 am on Thursday night from a shop keeper who had just had his shopfront smashed and needed a roller shutter repair. Robbers had just broken the roller shutter and smashed the toughened glass shopfront door which shattered and went everywhere. They then got in under the roller shutter to steal all they could in a few minutes. The customer called us as he wanted his roller shutter repaired in Holborn straight away to prevent more stock being stolen or ruined so we sent a team of 2 technicians who arrived just before 3am to Holborn to fix the problem. There wasn’t much traffic during the early hours of the night and the team working the night shift were happy to answer the call.

The customer was relieved to see us there and explained that we had to wait for the police to finish taking finger prints at the scene before we could enter the shop or attempt a roller shutter repair. After another 45 minutes the shop keeper alerted us that it was all clear to enter and we promptly began our work. We straightened all the bent metal shutter pieces and re-aligned them to get it functional. Within an hour the roller shutter was up and running again. This was a vital achievement as the shopfront no longer had a door left. The roller shutter would now keep robbers out till a new door was fitted.

We advised the customer to have a stronger roller shutter curtain installed which robbers can not break easily and he asked us to order one but he would want it installed the same day. Normally it takes us 3 days to measure, order, collect and install a new curtain or parts of a curtain but as this customer had no other option and he was a new customer we re-arranged our other jobs and got this job completed first.

The customer was happy with the service and decided to use us to supply and fit a new glass door for his shopfront as well, this was also to be fitted in later that day. This was short notice but we were able to take measurements and place an order with the factory which we collected and fitted for the customer later in the evening. Roller Shutter parts were powder coated and made to measure in a few hours. The customer was very happy with the quickness of which we got his shopfront and shutter repaired.

This job gave us valuable experience to know what to do if an emergency like this happens again. Everyone involved deserved a pat on the back. Another happy customer who has now joined our list of happy customers. Thank You Team ADV. For further information about the Roller shutter repair and roller shutter installation services we provide in London and the surrounding areas, contact our team today on 07525792161.