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Roller Shutter Fault Finding & Most Common Problems London


    Roller Shutter Fault Finding & Problems London: If your roller shutter has stopped working all of a sudden, then it might be having a fault. Such problems call for Roller Shutter Repair in London. Many common faults occur in shutters. Check them for preventing an Emergency shutter repair.

    The Most Common Shutter Problems

    1. Power Source

    Before doing anything, it is recommended that you check the power source. Make sure you know if it is turned off or on. Take notice of lights which indicate this status.

    2. Emergency Release Chain

    Checking the emergency release chain is just as crucial. The chain provides relief during the emergency of shutters. Check that the mechanism is working the way it should be by pulling the emergency release chain. It is working well if the door responds. If not, get in touch with the repair team of your shutter provider. This feature is immensely crucial in times of emergency so don’t be careless about it.

    3. Tracks/Rails

    There might be the presence of dirt or debris in the tracks and rails. Constantly keep a check on it and clean it if you see any debris. If you leave it as it is or don’t get it cleaned, it might obstruct the opening and closing operation of the shutter which will result in increased chances of malfunctioning of the shutters.

    4. Overheating

    If you have been operating the door frequently within a short period, then there are chances of the motor getting overheated. If that is the case, refrain from using the door for some time. This will give the motor time to cool off.

    5. Proximity Sensors

    If your door shows the problem of opening only halfway, there might be a problem with the proximity sensors. They might be malfunctioning due to presence of dirt or incurring damage. Check the proximity sensors and make sure they are dirt and damage-free.

    6. Door Structure

    Keep checking the door structure for the presence of any buckles or dents regularly. They might be easy to knock out for some people. However, if you are not among them, then it is better to call a professional to get it back into a functioning state.

    7. Clash Of The Code

    The shutter might have any of the problems listed above or else it might simply be a case of code clash. Very often it happens that your neighbor’s shutter has the same code as yours. In that case, the operation could be hampered due to the code clash. If that is the case with your shutter, then only the installer can handle the problem. So get in touch with him as soon as possible. Of course, with Adv  Shutters, you will have the convenience of 24hour availability of emergency staff that will reach you within minutes.

    Adv Shutters  Troubleshooting

    We ace it when it comes to shutter manufacturing. However, we are as active and professional in other areas of expertise related to shutters. So just contact us whatever the case, be it installation, repair, maintenance, emergency repair or post-sale service. With our professionally trained staff, highly productive and exceptionally dedicated team, the matter will be solved within minutes.