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What all you need to know about repairing the roller shutter belt perfectly?


    Installations & Repairing the roller shutter belt London

    Roller shutters for increased security

    Roller shutters are the best option for increased safety and security. Their installation is perfect in the industrial and domestic areas which makes your entire place look the best. You need to get in touch with the professionals and they are going to guide you on what type of shutters you need to get for your place. Moreover, they can give you the best service for shutter repair so that there is no problem with the working of the shutters.

    Roller shutter belt

    The roller shutters are equipped with a belt for winding. This is going to break down over time and in some cases, it can also tear. This means you need to get the shutters repaired. The patching is not recommended.

    Consider the length of the new roller shutter belt

    First of all, you need to get a roller shutter tape which is new. To get the correct one you need to measure the old band. You need to consider the tape which is at least 2.5 times the length of the window height. To remove the length correctly, you need to consider the strap. You need to consider the difference between various types of shutter system:

    • Tower shutters
    • Attachment shutters, outside
    • Attachment shutters or blinds inside

    Opening the roller shutter box

    On the top-mounted roller shutters, the roller shutter box is added into the masonry. The access panel which is present inside needs to be opened. The maintenance cover can be reached from the outside.

    In most cases, the roller blind box is not present in roller blinds or indoor blinds. This is the reason, the roller shutter cladding has been carried out mostly on its own. It is important to know how the access panels are going to be taken into account.

    How to remove and repair the old tape?

    • For this, the shutters should be drained completely. The reel is taken out of the niche or the top box is unscrewed. A mechanical brake may be needed for fixing. You need to contact the manufacturer and he is going to tell you what needs to be done.
    • You can now release the roller shutter belt on the shaft at the top of the roller shutter box. You can hang it or screw tight or it can be even clamped. This way the exact length can be determined and the right kind of roller shutter belt will be selected by contacting the roller shutter specialist.

    Preparing the new webbing

    If you have a band with a lump sum, you need to cut it first. If not then make sure to get it fixed right away.