Quick Guide : Common Problems With Roller & Plantom Shutters

Thursday May 17, 2018

Quick Guide : Common Problems With Roller & Plantom Shutters

Not investing, or even not caring for your security can lead to break-ins, robbery, and several acts of vandalism more often than you’d ever expect. Ask a bunch of people and you’d know insurance companies are really slow when it is their turn to shell out money for claims. To counter this, people install CCTV, to maybe catch the guilty. But here is the thing, why even wait for it to happen? Precaution is better than cure Why would you wait if you could prevent your door or window getting shattered and next thing you know someone is in your office or home? To make an extra barrier, lot of people turn to shutters instead. Not only do they increase your security, but also give a kind of clean finish to the overall structure.

Roller Shutter: Common Problem(s)

Roller shutters no doubt provide a great way of adding one extra security layer against burglars. When you rely on them for security, it becomes crucial to ensure that they work without any problems. Here are some common problems which people most commonly encounter.

1. Power Failure

If you’re using an electronically operated roller shutters, double check if your power source is working correctly. Once you ensure that there is nothing wrong with your power source, try closing and opening your shutter one more time.

2. Motor Overheating

Like every machinery, the motor used in the shutters can also overheat, which often results in a temporary failure. During such times, all you have in your hand is to give some time in order to make the motor cool down.

3. Wrong Code

More often than you think, people call a professional company for help without ensuring that they’re entering the right code (assuming your door uses one). It is very common confusion, especially if you just hired new staff who are not yet familiar with the system.

4. Dirt

If your roller is opening only halfway, or even partially, this might be because of dirt on rails or track. Usually, in companies, or places where people don’t spend much time on cleaning shutters, this is likely to happen. Make sure to turn off the power and inspect your tracks carefully. Needless to say, if you find obstacles, remove them and add some lubricant. If none of this help, give us a call.

Planton Shutters

1. Shutters not opening

Over the course of time, the louvers sometimes get loose, making it a common issue for them to not open. All you require is a simple fix which involves Philip's head screwdriver. Once you have it, follow the instructions.
  • Open the plantation shutters and find screws, one on each side of the louver. (tension screws)
  • Take your screwdriver, and turn, right turns tightens, while left-turn losses
  • DO this to both of your tension screws, and you’ll be ready to go.
If your louvers are too tight, or too loose, this can be a quick and sure way to fix them and make them perform the way you want.

2. Magnets fell apart

If your shutters face the direct sun, it’s not good for your shutter’s lifespan. Magnets are responsible for holding shutters in place, but sun often deteriorates the casing of the magnet, which ultimately leads to magnets falling apart. Tips to take care of your plantation shutters There is no reason why you shouldn’t care and adore your new shutters. But it is like Sunday. You enjoy for a while, then you realize, the next day is Monday. While enjoying your shutters, you might realize you don’t know how to maintain or clean them in the future. Most of the times, the person who comes for installing your shutters will provide in-depth details about how to care for your new shutters. But, in case you were not focused, or focusing on something else, read the below-mentioned tips.
  • Use a damp cloth (no chemical needed) for cleaning your shutters
  • Ensure that you open louvers gently. This will increase the lifespan of your shutter.
  • If your shutter faces the sun directly most of the time, provide extra care for the magnets.
Final Words No matter if it is a plantation door or folding grill, or even the garage door, roller shutters can be fitted easily. They come in multiple types, and needless to say, different kinds have different Modus operandi. Some are electrical, some are manual winding cranks, some remote control and so on. Electrical roller shutters are becoming popular due to the ease of installation. It can also be operated from a safe distance, which makes it an ideal choice for garages. Sometimes, how easy they are to fit, becomes their con. Since most of the people decide to fix it by themselves, by merely using friends. A shutter has high-speed motors, photoelectric cells, rails, transmitters, remote sensor, sometimes even sun and wind sensors as well. Such complex piece of equipment needs to be handled by an expert. There are tons of things which can go wrong.
Advshutters offers you with unrivaled security, along with a range of shutters that will suit all your needs. From Insulated and Heavy duty shutters to the high-tech security of our commercial shutters, we have all that you need for your secure business.
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