Is it important to get planning permission to get the roller shutters installed?

Friday June 21, 2019
Planning permission for roller shutter installation

Is it important to get planning permission to get the roller shutters installed?

Advanced Shopfront & Shutters Ltd, London: . There is no doubt, it drastically makes the entire place secure from intruders and also provides weather protection know more about Roller shutter and its the best option available to make the entire place safe and secure in different situations. Definitely,

So, for that, we have mentioned a few necessary points which will clear all your doubts regarding the planning permission.

  • Local Authorities

If you are facing difficulty getting the shutter installed then you should get permission from local authorities. Actually, not all the local authorities have the same rules and regulations. If you meet them once they will clear all your doubts and they will tell you how you should plan everything so that in future you do not face any issue. Ask them what type of guidelines you have to follow to get the shutter installed in your premises. You should also ask them about the rules of getting the shutter customized.
  • Internal shutter and security grills

One option which does not need permission to install is grills and internal roller shutters. This means you can make the internal structure of the building safe if not the outer part of the building. It means you do not have to get planning permission for this option. No doubt, councils also want that your premises should be secure so for this you do not have to worry about anything. If you are looking to get the shutters installed whether it is internal or external our company also provide the service. We ensure that you do not need to get the planning permission because we manufacture all the shutters with the guidelines of authorities.
  • General guidelines

General guidelines are also essential for getting the shutter installed. This will make the entire place look attractive as well as it looks modern also. Whereas some councils want that you should the guidelines so that everything is perfect. Some of the types of shutters which you can get from us are punched roller shutter, perforated shutters, rolling grill shutter, solid roller shutter, industrial shutter, and poly-carbonate shutter. You can choose the shutter according to your need and requirement.
  • Historical site

In case, if your shop or building is historical or listed property then you are not allowed to make the changes. In this case, internal changes will also be reviewed so that the building does not lose its importance in any way. You should ask the local council about the rules related to listed property so that in future you do not face any issue. If any changes are impacting the building character then you will not be given the permission. Additionally, getting the help of a professional shutter installer is also beneficial in this case. Get in touch with the professionals and local council to get the shutter installed without any restriction.