Necessary things to keep in mind for stick and unitized curtain wall system installations in Bristol

Wednesday October 3, 2018

Necessary things to keep in mind for stick and unitized curtain wall system installations in Bristol

Curtain walling installation in Bristol is getting quite common due to its numerous benefits offered to the building owners. But for proper installation of curtain walling system, there are many things that should be kept in mind by the contractors so that the client could have the ideal solution for his property.

Following things need to be considered for stick wall installation

Following-things-need-to-be-considered-for-stick-wall-installation It is important for the contractors to establish the control lines means they should keep in mind exactly where the stick wall should go.
  • Having the layout for any set up is quite essential same as for the Aluminium curtain walling system as the layout can determine about the exact placement of the system by the use of offset lines and each finished floor line that is developed with pre-established control lines.
  • It is an important step for the stick wall installations that contractors should keep in mind about the placement and type f anchor used as it could impact the wall design and load consideration of the wall
  • Materials to be used for the wall installation should be checked beforehand as the placement and storage location for the material should be at the proper location so that can be accessed from each floor of the building
  • Installation of the verticals and the horizontal mullions should be accurately positioned plumb and secure. Usually, verticals are installed prior than horizontals
  • The most important thing to consider for proper installation of the wall is the sealing of all corners of the system as otherwise walling system could develop a leakage and can get damaged.
  • Next important step is to select the internal and outer glazing of the curtain walling system that could enhance the durability of the wall and can improve the aesthetics of the building.
  • After the installation of the system last important step is to ensure the proper application or installation of the exterior glazing caps and final sealants and for the interior, there can be a requirement of drywall caps and retainers.

Unitized curtain walling system installations

Unitized-curtain-walling-system-installations In case of unitized wall as the units are pre-assembled and are hoisted to the proper location in sequence so should be snapped together with interlock and anchored structure so that can form a solid unit for the building and other steps of layout and finishing are same in the unitized system as were in the stick wall curtain walling system.