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Locking Straps: Functioning, Symptoms Of Breakage & Replacement


    When the operation of the roller shutters starts seeming to be faulty, then it requires tiring efforts to find out what’s wrong with the roller shutters. You keep on getting frustrated since you do not know what exactly you should do to fix the issue. Am I right or wrong?

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    What Are The Locking Straps?

    The locking straps are one of the constituents of the roller garage door. These are constructed from hinged plastic rectangles that do have a high quality. These steps help to secure the curtain of the roller garage doors to the central barrel. After that, they lock the door to make sure these come out to be fully extended. Their operation is much like the elbow joint since they are supposed to move only in a particular direction.

    How Many Locking Straps Can There Be In A Particular Size Of The Door?

    The total number of straps to be installed highly depends on the particular size of the door. 8 are used, in case it is the largest door.

    Can It Break?

    The main motive to design these straps was to make the garage door secure when it is closed. It will get snapped if the stop limit at the bottom is not set accurately. In case the stop limit is set at too low, there will be a placement of the extended fore on the strap. These are prone to be snapped in case the door hits the obstruction when the user has still held the button which is supposed to command the door to get shut.

    Is The Breaking Of A Strap A Feature? Why Is It So?

    The straps are designed in such a way that they get snapped when the door is put under an extreme level of strain. When snapped, the whole pressure is relieved on the curtain. With that they help the door for causing further damage to the:

    • Slats

    • Door

    • The person in charge of controlling the door opener.

    How To Know If The Locking Straps Are Broken?

    There are times when the locking straps do not get wholly snapped. Instead, they just experience a mild crack. The cracks are usually unnoticeable and may get fully broken down after months. But, here is some good news for you. You can judge the breakage with the following signs and symptoms:

    • Hearing an unfamiliar and loud noise

    • The garage door can be opened by merely lifting the curtain

    How Should You Replace These?

    For the strap replacement, you should immediately call these numbers: 020 8561 9073, 073 7718 3335