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Why is it important to get the installation of the fire shutters in the commercial space?

Why is it important to get the installation of the fire shutters in the commercial space?

Importance of Fire roller shutters

Roller shutters are considered as the best security system when it comes to increasing security and privacy. Well, that’s not all the shutters play an important role in protecting the spread of fire.

Fortunately, with the installation of shutters, it has been seen that the fire and rescue services have declined a lot in the commercial space.

When you hire the professionals they will give you detailed information from the roller shutter installation to the shutter repair. Let’s understand in detail why do we need the fire shutters


Role of fire shutters

The installation of a fire shutter reduces the fire impact. The shutters help to prevent the flames from going out of the building and reduce the risk of life and property. The shutters meet the building regulation and provide an additional layer of security and also help to reduce the insurance premium.

As per the government guidelines the shutters need to be installed. The shops which have deep fat fryers should have a separate building. In case, this is not possible then the documents state that they should be separated from the building by using the fire restriction construction.

Fire shutters should be included with the canteen and kitchen design. However, the shutters main purpose is to prevent the spread of fire so they can be installed anywhere on the premises or any room. Once the shutters get closed the flames won’t reach the other room. Moreover, the shutters can be installed externally and internally.



Rating of the fire shutters

The fire rating is essential which means they are globally recognized. In that case, a company like ADV is the leading name in the market. The shutters are rated by the total number of hours they can control the spread of fire. If the shutters have a 3-hour rating then it means they can control the flames for 3 hours. You should talk to the testing facility and they will let you know about the rating. Not just the flames but the shutters can effectively control the smoke also.


What else should be kept in mind?

While buying the shutters you should get the ones that can be operated manually as well with a fusible link. The fusible link is vital because they automatically close the shutters when it reaches the high temperature without waiting for human interaction.

When the shutters are closed the speed is steady and it will prevent the risk of any type of injury.


Buy the ones with Barrel Support frames

The barrel support frame is ideal when you get the shutters that are not under a certain size. You should get the shutters that have small barrels as they are lighter and they can easily withstand the high temperature.