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How to install roller shutter personnel doors and the benefits of them for commercial premises?

How to install roller shutter personnel doors and the benefits of them for commercial premises?

install roller shutter personnel doors

Roller shutter doors are designed for both domestic and commercial premises. These offer you maximum protection from external harmful components and weather conditions as well. Also, they provide you long-lasting service, which reduces the need for Shutter Repair.

We are running a well-known company Adv Shutters LTD , which ensures that we keep each other responsible for what we perceive as the conventional ideals of good quality goods and excellent customer support.

We provide a broad range of flexible and adaptable personnel doors appropriate for a number of industrial applications. This will vary from fire escape doors to safe personnel exits, normally where there is no point of entry to a house or industrial area.

All of our personnel doors are constructed of quality steel, solid and sturdy, offering excellent safety and resistance to breakage, as well as increased fire security. Through the door can be changed to match the premises and may have non-standard openings. They can be either cut for smaller holes or lined with infill panels for larger ones. We deliver unique prototypes for openings up to 2600 x 2960 mm. Personnel door options for commercial premises include:

  • This personnel steel door is made according to fire rating specification

  • An intercom system can be integrated if required

  • Substation Doors

  • Fire Exit Doors

  • High-security locking system

  • Powder coating to suit specific applications

  • Fire Rated Personnel Doors

Installation Process For Personnel Doors.

As we stated above, to install roller shutters, you have to talk to our experts, because they have a great deal of knowledge about everything.

  • The first move is to carry out a site assessment and take measurements since door openings are not necessarily a standard size, it is vital that we do so at the start, so the rest of the cycle runs smoothly.

  • Because we already have accurate measurements, the manufacturing process will run smoothly and we will be able to customize the door as per your requirements.

  • After we are finished with manufacturing, we go back to the site to mount them to make sure they ‘re running properly.

Benefits Of Roller Shutter Personnel Doors

  • As we said earlier, these are also known as wicket gates. These offer you maximum protection from intruders, burglary, no matter what the time is.

  • These are available with a hidden locking system that is valuable to provide you maximum protection. And with this locking system, no one can access your door without your permission.

  • These do not need frequent roller shutter repair service, as these are made with strong and sturdy material, which offer you long-lasting service.

  • Also, offer you fire protection, give you enough time to leave the building in the situation of fire.