Industrial Roller Shutter Installation in Battersea, London

Thursday June 28, 2018

Industrial Roller Shutter Installation in Battersea, London

Industrial Roller Shutter Installation in Battersea, London

Nowadays a break-in happens every other day in shops and it has been declared as one of the the most common crimes in UK. This makes it very important for shops to have tough and superior quality roller shutter installed . It is undoubtedly one of the most important requirements nowadays . They are convenient , require less maintenance and are a one time investment which will prove to be very beneficial to prevent future loses.

We are a well-established and highly trusted brand in UK for installing the best roller shutters for your shops .We have build our customer's trust overtime by providing timely services at the best rates .

Few days back , a customer called us to repair his industrial car park shutter . We sent out team to the roller shutter repair site immediately and after proper checking out team found out that the motor was dead on that shutter .  Our highly efficient team could make out in the blink of an eye that the motor installed on that shutter was an outdated one , which was no longer supplied by the manufacturer.

But to change it to a different motor we had to change the complete barrel assembly and the control box too. It was a very old style shutter and the major challenge we faced was to install a modern age industrial motor into an old style shutter system .

Undoubtedly, it was a herculean task . But our roller shutter experts performed the changes perfectly in a very short time . Our customer is extremely happy with having a modern new , motor on his existing shutter . He is very satisfied having saved a lot of bucks which he would have spent if our team was not very efficient in performing the motor changing task . He gave our team a big thumbs up .

We would love to repair all your roller shutters too at the best possible prices . You can trust us with all your hearts because we work only for your benefit . So do reach out to us whenever you need us . You can expect 100.% authenticity and effort from our sides . Looking forward to working for you too !

For further information about the Roller shutter repair and roller shutter installation services we provide in London and the surrounding areas, contact our team today on 07525792161.

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