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How the installation of Fire Curtain and Fire rated roller shutters in UK is beneficial?

How the installation of Fire Curtain and Fire rated roller shutters in UK is beneficial?


Fire Curtain are sheets of fire-resistant material which can be installed over the entrance area to prevent the fire damage. Fire curtains work by obstructing flames and smoke. By installing these on the premises it allows the person to evacuate the place on time.

Different benefits of fire curtains:

  • Protection against smoke and fire
  • Looks visually pleasing
  • Gives more time to evacuate the building
  • Loss of life is reduced along with property damage.

What Are Fire Rated Roller Shutters?

Fire-rated shutters are specially designed to withstand against the fire damage. Shutters will be constructed by using a combination of fire-resistant material. During manufacturing, the outer layer of the shutters is insulated which helps in giving high performance and also increases efficiency.

In case, the fire breaks down the shutters will be lowered down which helps in compartmentalizing the room and prevent the flames from going to another place.

Additionally, you should keep a check on its working so that the shutters can operate in the best way possible. In case, the working mechanism is not proper then you should seek the help of professionals for the Roller Shutter Repair.

Which Option Is Better?

To start with both the options work to prevent the smoke and flames. Once the fire spread both of the options get activated and they will allow the people to escape from the building with proper safety. Still, there are a few differences:

Fire Curtains

  • Installing the fire curtains in your premises is not noticeable easily which means it makes it more versatile and it can also suit different types of business. Also, the factor of safety will not be compromised at any cost. They are made using stainless steel and Kelvar.
  • This option is best if you get them installed internally, to protect the lift entrances, high-risk areas, and stairwells. You can easily do your daily work.
  • Our team will install the curtains and in case of fire, they will start working to save lives by allowing people to provide emergency service. They can provide fire safety for around 240 minutes.

Fire-Rated Roller Shutter

  • This is another option for safety and it is considered the superior choice. The fire shutter can prevent fire safety for around 1, 2 to 4 hours. According to your requirement, you can get them installed.
  • For small as well as large openings they are a perfect choice. All our shutters are made with proper quality standards.
  • The shutter panel is very easy to operate and capable of containing the heat of around 1200C.

To make the right choice you should contact our team. They will let you know in detail about the options and we will make sure you get the best quality product.