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Are you wondering to know about how much the roller shutter installation cost?

Cost of the roller shutter

Roller shutters are the best security system for the place. The shutters are a series of blinds which are hinged together. The shutters will wound around a cylinder that can be raised or lowered, which can be done manually or with an electric motor.

 It is important to get the shutters from the professionals as they will ensure the product is of top quality and you get it at the best price. Our team will give you quality service from the roller shutter installation to shutter repair.

How much does the roller shutter cost in Hounslow?

When considering roller shutters, it’s important to understand that their cost can vary based on several factors, including their quality, size, and design. Typically, you can expect prices to range anywhere from around $200 to $1500, depending on these factors. 

Additionally, the type of roller shutter you choose, whether it’s manual or electric, will also influence the overall cost. If you’re in the market for roller shutters and want to ensure you’re getting both quality products and reliable repair services, we encourage you to reach out to our company. 

We specialize in providing top-notch roller shutters and offer comprehensive shutter repair services to keep your jammed roller shutters in optimal condition for years to come.

Factors which determine the cost of roller shutters

Depending on the area

According to the area you want to install the shutters, the price can be different. This means whether you need to install them at the interior or exterior. No matter which option you choose they will provide safety and ensure your place is protected in the best manner.

Whether you choose interior and exterior shutters, you can include the different design elements. Moreover, the shutters will provide weather protection.

The function of the shutter

The shutters provide different purposes such as increasing aesthetics, added security, and weather resistance. If you live in a cyclone-prone area then you need to be careful about the premises getting protected against the debris. Talk to our team and they will give you the shutters which suit your condition the best.

Choose the correct material

You need to choose the right material and consider for what purpose you need to install it.

  • If you choose the aluminum roller shutters then it will cost between $300 and 41200. You can also choose the insulated material which provides energy efficiency and this way the shutters will reduce the cost of electricity in the future.
  • PVC is durable material and studier. But, this option might not work the best to protect the place against bushfire.
  • The option of steel is best if you want something expensive. Additionally, the installation of the shutters needs effort and time as they are heavier than aluminum.

Working mechanism

The shutters are available in manual or electric working. If you choose the manual option then they cost less as compared to electric ones. It’s simply because of the way they work after the installation. Moreover, the electric shutters will make the working better because they operate faster and you can complete your work on time.