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Have a secure home with roller shutter Croydon?

Have a secure home with roller shutter Croydon?

roller shutter Croydon

Roller shutters have come a long way since they were first introduced. They used to be those thin, silver aluminum covers you see on shop and factory entrances. But over time, they’ve gotten a lot better. Now, they’re perfect for any entrance, whether it’s at a big factory or someone’s home.

At ADV Shutters, we take care of all your roller shutter in London. We fix them if they’re broken, install new ones, and we’re always here to help with 24/7 customer support. So you can relax knowing your shutters are in good hands.

Choose color and style

If security is your prime concern then it does not mean that you need to sacrifice for the look of your shutter as these days a plethora of styles and color options are available so you can choose the shutter that could compliment your home and even you could have completely customized style and color as per your personal choice.

Maintenance and repairing

If you are really worried about the maintenance and roller shutter maintenance service in London then it is important to know that there is not as such hassle to maintain these shutters as they require only minimal maintenance after regular intervals of time for their best working and longer lifespan.  Still, you must ask about the maintenance requirements for the shutters before choosing them.


As your main reason for choosing the shutters is the security of your home so before buying them it is important to know about the security features. Even you must check whether you can install additional security alarms or sensor lights on these security solutions or not?

 Then you should choose the product that is tested and verify all the testing standards so that you could have peace of mind. You can ask about the material of these solutions so that you could know that whether these will stand in case of burglary or theft or not? 

It means before installing roller shutters on windows and doors you must give a clear check to all security points including the locking system of the shutters.

Ability to control lighting and privacy

Along with the security if you will have complete control on your privacy and entrance of lighting into your home then it will be like a feather to the cap, thus never forget to ask about the privacy and lighting options before installing these security screens on your windows and doors. 

Your privacy can save you from the poking and prying eyes of others and even can keep your home protected when you will plan to go somewhere out .lighting control will make your choice economical as you could choose the entrance of abundance of natural light into your home by rolling them up and can save electricity so ask for both features before purchasing.

Protection sheet

Shutters not only are security solutions as these are perfect choice for protecting your home from the external elements like rain, hail, snow, UV rays of sun and even from the air pollutants and noise pollution so choose the shutters that have great resistance for external climates and can stand to protect your home from extreme weather conditions and pollution. 

Closing the blinds of shutters will secure your home and window glasses which otherwise can get damaged in the extreme weather conditions like in heavy rain or storm and this broken glass can be an invitation for the intruders so ask for the protection capability of the shutters before installation.

Do not ignore your needs

Before choosing the shutter, consider all your needs about the security, safety, protection, and beauty of your home so that you could have the best fit for the entrance and windows of your home.

 Make the choice after considering all your requirements and personal choices so that you can have the best strength, durability, the reliability of the shutters along with the latest designs, best color, and style that could offer the best aesthetics to your dream home.