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Get Installed Suitable Commercial roller shutter for your business from ADV Shutters LTD

Get Installed Suitable Commercial roller shutter for your business from ADV Shutters LTD


Adv Shutters LTD London: Roller shutters are considered to be the best asset for every business organization’s premises to ensure a high level of safety and protect your premises from any damage. These are durable, lightweight as well as budget-friendly too. The cost of roller shutter repair is also affordable so when you observe any fault in it then you can fix it in a short period. 

Roller Door Vs. Roller Shutter

The first hurdle is to know the difference between a roller door and a roller shutter because, for many, it’s difficult to find the difference.

Roller doors are made of steel sheets to cover the entire screen. This curtain is attached to the barrel and forms a roller door. Inside the drum are usually internally torsion fills that are stationary on the main shaft of the roller door. There are hubs on each end that form the roller door as it opens and closes. They run through the guides on either side and are mounted on a steel or concrete angle.

Commercial/Industrial Roller Doors

Commercial or industrial roller doors are similar to their residential counterparts. However, we usually establish a dense grade of the guide (as the door is larger, it sits further in the guide, making for a more secure operation). Because commercial doors usually use a high cycle, this option is useful. You can also choose the thickness of the steel. In general, a residential roller door is approximately .45 to .46 mm and can extend up to .50 mm.

Locking the roller doors with every 2 / 4th indent and upgraded air can reinforce the steel braces, ensuring a more secure comprehension of the guides.

Roller doors can be operated by motor or hand chain/home grease. This is a good assessment against size. While the service section ensures that your door operates securely and efficiently, a large door will be a suitable candidate for automation due to operational efficiency.

Commercial Roller Shutters

Roller shutters are made of different grades, usually from .6mm to 1mm, to 90 or 100 mm slates. Shutter rollers provide strength over a larger area than doors because they are built on individual interlocking slats and nylon windsock is fitted to every other slate.

Generally, the guides are made of at least 100 mm and can be fixed or welded at an angle to the top of the shutter. Roller shutters can be operated manually to a certain size; After that, they need single or 3-stage operators. If you have an incident with your commercial roller shutter, you can easily replace the affected slates, negating the need to replace them completely.