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Garage Roller Shutter Doors Installation & Repair DIY Guide

Garage Roller Shutter Doors Installation & Repair DIY Guide

Garage Doors DIY Guide

London: Although we offer proper installation and repair services, we encounter many people who are interested in doing it all by themselves. If you are the DIY sort of person, then we have just the right tips for you. If you can carry out roller Shutter Repair all by yourself, we are proud of you. But, do proceed with care. Adv Shutters LTD recommends that you do the installation, repair, and maintenance work only if you are confident. You should be careful if you are attempting it for the first time. 

Width Dimensions

When measuring the width, you should add the width of the aluminum guides with the measurement on each side.

Height Dimensions

When you measure the ordering height, you should subtract the curtain roll dimensions and the endplate supports from the total height.

For doors that are less than or equal to 2500mm high, the roll dimension is taken as 300mm.

For doors that are greater than 2500mm, the roll dimension is taken as 350mm.

The maximum guide height allowed is 3500mm, which means that a maximum total height of 3850mm is permissible

Installation Options

Face Fitting Internally

As compared to bi-fold doors, the Internal face installation is the most common installation option for roller garage doors as it the most effective way to maximize the height and width of your door. It is also preferred as it is the option that offers the most concealing. The rest depends on the personal taste of the owner.

The guide rails and end plates should be fitted directly to the internal brickwork.

Inbetween Fitting

Installation of the in-between fittings requires exact accuracy, especially when you are ordering your door. If you falter in this aspect, you might need some minor alterations with the existing brickwork. As an alternative, you can utilize extra guides and endplates if there is a discrepancy in the size requirements. You must use the narrowest dimension to ensure that the existing brickwork is not removed. The guides are visible from the outside when the installation is done in this manner, therefore you must choose the color to finish carefully. The guides might seem to be extra visible when the woodgrain curtain finish is chosen.

Face Fitting Externally

Although it is an unusual option, the installation of the face to the outside is possible. However, it comes with a lot of benefits as well. It maximizes the drive-through width and height and also maximizes the available space. It is particularly useful for places like garages, for parking the vehicles and storage of goods.

The full hood installation is something you will have to take care of with external installation. A full hood is significant for protecting the curtain, guides, and endplates from wear and tear weathering. Since the control box receiver is not waterproof, it should be either installed internally or be put in a waterproof box.