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Guide about the cost of the external roller shutter & and its material for your premises

Guide about the cost of the external roller shutter & and its material for your premises



Adv Shutters LTD London, Roller shutters are highly efficient in terms of security and increasing the privacy of your place. Well, their installation is not just for interior because you can get them for the exterior also. The shutters are made to withstand against the wind, fire, rain, and prevent the break-ins.

When you plan to buy the roller shutter you need to make sure you hire the professionals. The experts will make sure you get reliable service from installation to shutter repair.

Let’s understand cost of the external roller shutter & and its material factors in detail.

 Shutter Material

One of the top factors which affect the cost of the exterior shutter is material. The shutters are available in different materials which are going to offer different benefits. In case, you want to get the wood shutters then the estimated cost as per type of material and design.

In most cases, the preferred choice is to buy the aluminum roller shutters because they are strong and durable. Additionally, they are lightweight which makes them easy to maintain. Moreover, you can customize them with your color and design preference. If you are not sure what to choose, then discuss your budget with the professionals and they will help you make the final decision.

 Size of the window

Every shutter company will charge you differently depending on the window size you have. In case, the window size is large or small the amount will vary accordingly. Additionally, if the windows at your home or office are unique, then customization is needed which will cost more money. The best choice is to talk to the experts because they can guide you better how much you need to pay.


The manual shutters are less expensive as compared to modern shutters. But, it does not mean that you cannot afford them at your place. The benefit of getting the modern shutter is that you can choose the color and design you like the most. This way, it will match the exterior of your place perfectly and enhance the aesthetics of your home.

Additionally, if you want to add special features like emergency personnel then you can do that very easily which will increase the security factor also.

 Installation from experts

You might think of installing the shutters on your own but it is not possible to install them with the precision and care the professionals will do. This is why we always recommend our clients to hire professionals because they are trained and know what needs to be done. The average cost of the professional is calculates as per type of material and design. It is best that you let the experts do their work and you should not take any tension.