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Commercial Roller Shutter in London – Issues, Tips & Solutions

Commercial Roller Shutter in London – Issues, Tips & Solutions

Have you ever wondered what keeps businesses secure after hours in the bustling streets of London? The answer lies in the robust and reliable protection of commercial roller shutters. Essential for deterring theft and destruction, these shutters provide business owners peace of mind when it comes to safeguarding their investments.

At ADV Shutters, we specialize in providing roller shutter repair services to commercial and industrial premises throughout the United Kingdom. Our expertise in high-quality materials and tailored solutions ensures that each installation meets the unique needs of our clients. Whether you’re looking to enhance security or improve energy efficiency, our dedicated team is here to help.

From troubleshooting basic problems to understanding advanced features, we’ll cover everything you need to know to keep your business secure and operating smoothly.

What Are the Most Common Issues with Roller Shutters?

Roller shutters, as essential contributors to the security and operational efficiency of the customers of commercial and industrial premises, may undergo wear and tear and thus be subject to various problems that can hinder their proper performance. Here’s a breakdown of common roller shutter faults you face:

Jammed or Stuck Shutters:

The shutter very often tends to be the one that roller shutter gets jammed or stucked. This is a result of the build-up of dust and debris in the tracks, which obstructs the shutter’s movement. The fastness of rain and sea salt can also cause the pongee to jam, which it can be especially dangerous in the rainy and changeable UK climate.

Electrical Problems:

Occasionally, in cases of electrical operation, the shutters can either be related to motor or remote control system failure. Failure to supply power, loose wiring, or a broken motor can be the reasons why shutters fail to open or close properly.

Wear and Tear:

Naturally considering, roller shutters are in usage regularly hence, leads to tear and wear up. Constituents of the system like the rollers, the tracks, and the springs can fail after some time and this could result in either a replacement, repair, or addition of other parts that should work in synchronization with the initial parts.

Noise Issues:

Overtly loud sounds during operation may be a sign of a problem. The reason could be loss of connections, lack of lubricating oil, or motor trouble, which can easily make the shutter produce a noise that is louder than normal.

Security Features Malfunctioning:

Among the highest-security level roller shutters, there may as well be additional features like alarm or auto-lock mechanisms built-in. A failure of these systems may lead to the violation of the security of the premises.

How Can You Maintain Your Roller Shutters Effectively?

Maintenance is the key to the prolongation and proper operation of the roller shutters. Here are some practical steps you can take to keep your shutters in top condition:

Regular Cleaning:

Clearing the tracks and window shutters off dirt, debris and other clutter such as leaves, garbage, and dust is a necessary step. A piece of soft cloth and a mild detergent-based solution will be appropriate to remove the dust.


For safe use, frequently apply the lubricant to the moving parts of the shutter, such as the rollers, tracks, and hinges. The idea here is to ensure that you use the right lubrication – which you may easily find in the manufacturers’ recommendation – to reduce or eliminate rusting and wear.

Check for Damage:

Conduct a periodic check on your shutters to be sure of any damages and lengths of time. The first thing to do is to check for dents, cracks, or any other physical damage that can affect the shutter’s integrity or functioning. It prevents costly repairs if the problems are found early.

Scheduled Professional Inspections:

Although surveys may be conducted in-house, let’s remember that it is professional advice that will notice problems that are dodged by the untrained eye. It may involve counting the shutter balance, checking the motor function, and ensuring that the electrical components are in good condition.

Prompt Repairs:

When there is something wrong or in need of correction during inspections, it is essential to work on these issues immediately. Ignoring the repairs will not only ruin parts but along future damage that can compromise building security.

Update Security Features:

For the shutters with security features, it is important to ensure that all the parts are working properly. This involves automatic connection, the burglar alarms, locks, and any information-based security systems.

What Solutions Can Enhance the Security of Your Shutters?

  • Upgrade to High-Security Roller Shutters: Opt for shutters made from high-quality, durable materials with enhanced security features such as reinforced profiles and anti-tamper fastenings.

  • Install Advanced Locking Mechanisms: Enhance your shutters with high-end locking systems, which can significantly increase the level of security, deterring break-ins and unauthorised access.

  • Incorporate Alarm Systems: Integrating alarm systems with your shutters provides an immediate response to any forced entry attempts, alerting you and the security services swiftly.

  • Use Remote Control Systems: Remote controls allow for secure and convenient operation of your shutters, reducing the risk of manual overrides and ensuring that shutters are properly closed and secured.

  • Regular Maintenance and Updates: Ensure continuous reliability and security by maintaining your shutters regularly and upgrading components as needed to keep up with new security technologies and threats.


In conclusion, commercial roller shutters in London offer not just a barrier against intrusions but also a multitude of benefits suited for urban industrial applications. From noise reduction in bustling areas to diverse range options catering to a range of styles, these shutters are ideal solutions for enhancing security and functionality in industrial settings. 

Whether it’s broken springs or the need for routine maintenance, our roller shutter repair service ensures your shutters remain in prime condition. 

At ADV Shutters, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and our ability to provide tailored security solutions, including robust commercial roller shutter doors. For every need, from single-phase operations to complex industrial shutter doors, we deliver quality and reliability, safeguarding your business with the best the industry has to offer.