Why is it important to follow the maintenance regulations for roller shutters?

Why is it important to follow the maintenance regulations for roller shutters?

Why is it important to follow the maintenance regulations for roller shutters?


Roller Shutter Inspection Checklist

Roller shutters are an important part of making the entire place safe and secure. To keep them in good working condition, it is important to do the maintenance from time to time. No doubt, this cost-effective solution can work for years, but if you avoid the need for maintenance or timely shutter repair in London, it won’t serve the purpose correctly.

What is the importance of maintenance regulations?

Roller shutter functioning can get affected with time, especially due to excessive or regular use. Be it a commercial or industrial setting, you need to ensure that they are in the right working state all day long. Most importantly you need to focus on maintenance and call the professionals at regular intervals. This is the only way in which the potential problems are identified and risk can be minimized.

Regulation 5 of the Workplace – Regulation 1992

This comes under the health safety and welfare, for any powered door like roller shutter needs to be maintained in an efficient state. Under the regulation state, the shutters must be checked from time to time through testing, inspection, adjustment, lubrication, repair, and cleaning. The regularity is not specified but this depends on the machine which is being used, the place of installation, and what guidelines are given by the manufacturer. The maintenance schedule must be followed

Checking the faults from time to time

Dangerous faults need to be given immediate attention. All safety devices mustn’t be used forcefully, specifically when the working mechanism fails to work like normal. If you try to operate the shutters forcefully it can prove a hazardous situation especially for the people working around in the area.

It is important to check the fault, the door should not be used, and repair needs to be made right away. Till the time the professionals have not checked the shutters, they should not be used. When you hire professionals, they will inspect the door and do the repairs immediately before the situation can turn into something dangerous.

Regulation 5 – The provision and use of work equipment

Regulation 1998 PUWER is the responsibility of the owners, employers, and use of roller shutters. Basically under this regulation, the work equipment should not be taken to the extent that it can risk someone’s life. It is essential that the roller shutters need to be kept in the right state through timely repair. No matter how many shutters you have at your place, they need to be inspected regularly. In case, there is a need for a maintenance log then it needs to be updated from time to time. The logbook needs to have the following:

  • Time and date of inspection and maintenance
  • Details of any replacements, or upgrades made to the shutter
  • Details of any work carried out
  • Results of inspection
  • Nature of the fault
  • Signature and information of the person carrying out the repair or inspection.

Maintenance is important to make sure the shutters work in the right manner and also for the safety of everyone at your place. Call the professionals, for further details.

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