Why Are Curtain Walls Increased Popularity In The UK?

Why Are Curtain Walls Increased Popularity In The UK?

Why Are Curtain Walls Increased Popularity In The UK?


Curtain walls are structure-less and lightweight coverings that protect the premises from outside elements like dust, dirt or pollutants. Initially, people used to believe that curtain walling system is only for the skyscrapers but these days it is common to see them among all sizes of businesses. So let us try to find out some reasons for the popularity of curtain walling in London.

Reasons of Popularity

Unique look

Curtain walls system is the ideal solution to give unique look to the business so that it could become eye catchy for the visitors. These structureless walls can give the reflection of your brand and can help you to stand out of the crowd which is the most important factor to attract customers and to have a successful business.

Modern and refreshing

As the UK is having the rich architectural heritage including the iconic and conventional types of old buildings that even need maintenance and repair so the curtain walls can revitalize your building by giving it a modern edge without any invasive construction work or demolition.

Installation of modern design walls like vertical glass and aluminum framing can enable you to give a refreshing and shining look to the building that is inviting to all visitors.


As discussed above the UK is the nation of quirky smaller older buildings so it can be difficult to modernize and repair them all so curtain walling can create the perfect blend of old and new and can do a makeover of the entire building by giving it a modern look. The versatility and ability to adapt make them the perfect solution for all types of buildings as these walls can be designed with customized needs and desires so can do the transformation of any building including smaller, skyscrapers, old or new.

Energy efficient

Curtain walls are eco-friendly and lightweight so can easily increase the building’s ability for energy efficiency. These walls are manufactured with modern and high-quality glass products so can retain heat in winter and can keep the heat out in hot summers so save your electricity bills by saving the loss of temperature. These walls can also reduce the dependence of businesses on artificial light as these glass walls allow natural light to enter into the premises.

Protection sheet

As these walls are specially designed as the coverings for the buildings to protect it from extreme weather conditions like heavy flow of air, hail storm, snowfall, heavy rain and even to escape from the pollutants, dirt and dust so these structureless walls work as the protection sheet for the building and even improve the life of exterior beauty including paint.

Spacious look

The glass walls also create the spacious effect inside the building as even the narrow space looks like the spacious one with optimized use of space and illumination fact created by the walls.

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