Which questions to ask before you get your new roller shutter installed?

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Which questions to ask before you get your new roller shutter installed?

Which questions to ask before you get your new roller shutter installed?


    Ealing: It’s a wonderful decision that you are starting with the process of installing your new roller shutters. It is going to be a landmark decision which will play a crucial role in ensuring your security and granting you comfort. With a wide range of materials and designs available, choosing the best one will not be an easy job. Though the choices are many, one has to be careful.

    Act smart by posing these questions-

    1. Is the aluminum new or recycled?

    It is essential that you look into the technical issues like whether the aluminum used is made of virgin aluminum or from recycled aluminum. Although recycled aluminum is quite usable, it will incur damage and oxidization over a period of time. Ensure that your supplier is supplying virgin aluminum so that the shutters last longer and look good over the years to come.

    2. What is the amount of training the installation staff has?

    It is recommended that your installation company has well-trained staff who have a minimum of 6 years of experience in handling installations. Many companies don’t employ trained staff which could spell trouble and hazard for you. Roller shutters installed with the help of untrained staff are often seen to be improperly installed. A shutter which has not been properly installed will often require excessive strap wear. This means that you will have to replace the shutter straps frequently. Naturally, it will incur a lot of expense which could have been avoided. It could also prove hazardous in the long run as shutters out of place can be dangerous for you and your loved ones. Opt for a company which offers trained and experienced staff who have been dealing with the installation process for a minimum period of 6 years.

    3. What kind of after-hours service can the installation company provide?

    Opt for a company which offers after-hours service. An emergency can crop up any moment. You can’t afford to wait if your shutters at the workplace are stuck midway. Even domestic shutters stuck up will pose a major security threat to your family. You need some service even if it is a weekend or a public holiday. For such situations, you must opt for a company which offers after-hours service. Roller Shutter Repair is a significant part of the roller shutter after sale service.

    4. Which kind of shutters are they offering and why?

    People generally prefer the manual version over the electric ones due to seemingly less cost but they fail to notice that the maintenance overhead and the labor required to operate such shutters generally prove to be more expensive. The maintenance requirements of the manual shutters definitely exceed that of electric shutters. Moreover, manual operation requires more labor. So opt for electric shutters and buy peace of mind.

    5. The best or cheapest-the eternal quest

    While the cheaper kinds will be constructed out of thin, weak and low-quality aluminum. These shutters will be susceptible to corrosion over a period of time. The construction technique will also pose a lot of problems. The shutters might get stuck in the box. Some may allow light to enter through the slats when they are shut. Opt for shutters which come from well-known manufacturers. Naturally, such products will be coming from companies like ADV, not from the cheap Chinese imports.

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