Which option is better between a unitized curtain wall and a stick-built system?

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Which option is better between a unitized curtain wall and a stick-built system?

Which option is better between a unitized curtain wall and a stick-built system?


    It must have happened with you, that you are in a dilemma on what option you need to choose between the 2. Here we are talking about curtain walling stick-built systems. The curtain walls are made of non-structural aluminum-framed walls which combine the infills of glass, metal panels, and thin stone linked to the building structure. Let’s talk about this in detail.

    Unitized Curtain System

    These types of systems are made of large glass units which are created and glazed in the factory. Once it is made, they are sent to the construction site. Once it has reached the place it will be put in one place and then anchored to the building. With this system, you can get the features like:

    • High-quality system

    • High-tolerance fabrication with the climate-controlled environment

    • No on-site glazing helps in improving the installation speed

    The installation of the unitized curtain system is way faster than you expected it to be. This system is best for installation when the prefabricated unitized panels are needed and it is a cost-effective choice. So, this system is best suited for the taller structure and it will help in providing panel optimization.

    Stick-built system

    In case, the project is not suitable for a unitized system then you need to get the stick-built system. Choosing this option will help you get the curtain walls for low to mid-rise buildings.

    This system is referred to as stick-built because the long pieces of aluminum are added in vertical & horizontal positions. This way a load of glass will be transferred back to the building structure. In addition, with this system, most of the work is done on-site. The lead time with these types is shorter as compared to the fabricated material and this way the front-up staging is going to be less.

    With this type of system, there should be proper space to get the installation done and all the material on the site should be easily stored. So, this type of system is best for a place that has enough space so that the site does not look cluttered.

    Get professional help!

    Make sure that you get expert help on making the right choice about which material is best for the place. This way you will end up having the best system which is going to provide all the necessary benefits for your premises.

    ADV team provides the service to their clients by considering what they need and keeping in mind all the other necessary specifications. Just get in touch with one of our team members and he will talk you through the entire process of installation. Moreover, the service we provide is with zero error and at an economical price.

    Get the quote

    Get in touch with the team and get the quote, so that you can compare it & can be assured that you will be only getting the best service and nothing less than that. For more information, call us and clear all your doubts with the team.

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