Which are the top professional ways to fix the electrical roller shutters?

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Which are the top professional ways to fix the electrical roller shutters?

Which are the top professional ways to fix the electrical roller shutters?


    Roller shutters are the first preference of industrial, commercial, and residential owners. This option is way better in terms of security and safety as compared to the traditional options. But, to make them run effectively for a longer duration, you need to keep up with the maintenance. In simple terms, if you notice any problem with the shutters you need to call the experts for shutter repair in London. Through this blog, you will get information about the problem with roller shutters and what needs to be done to fix it right away.

    How to fix the roller shutters when they do not raise or get lower?

    You try to operate the roller shutter, but there is a problem opening and closing them. It is due to an obstacle. Let’s understand it in a better way.

    Case 1

    Roller shutter gets too hot

    It is possible the roller shutters are not working because they are getting too hot. In many cases, there is a thermal fuse and it will shut down if the temperature gets in excess. It is happening because the shutters are being raised and lowered many times. In such a situation, you need to let it cool down and then they can operate easily. You should give it at least 30 minutes and then operate them like normal. In some cases, the shutter motor is not working properly, then contact the experts to get it changed or fixed.

    Case 2

    Improper motor placement

    If the shutter motor is not placed correctly, then it can also result in problems. Make sure to insert it properly in the tube and fix it with a screw. If the placement is not correct, it won’t function the way it needs to be. Hire the experts and they can get it checked, & place it correctly.

    Additionally, you must have an engine at your place which has the power to operate the shutters like normal.

    How to fix the roller shutter if it does not go up and down?

    In such cases, there is a problem with the adjustment screws. These are present on the side and proper labeling is done to understand what is there functioning. To get it fixed you need to tighten them with the help of a screwdriver. Make sure that you do it in a clockwise direction and this would solve the problem.

    How to fix the shutters when they are malfunctioning?

    The malfunctioning is because of the wiring problem. You need to check it, but before that cut off the power supply. Initially, you should look for the signs of damaged wires or loose connections. The problem can happen because it is not installed correctly. If you are not sure how to get it fixed you should call the experts right away.

    Final thought!

    The working of the roller shutter is complex and make sure you do not try to get it fixed on your own. Small issues might be addressed but sometimes you are not able to judge what is the problem. This is the reason, we always suggest calling the professionals every 3 months or depending on its usage for the roller shutter maintenance.

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