What is Glass curtain walling system? Explain the types of glass curtain walls?

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What is Glass curtain walling system? Explain the types of glass curtain walls?

What is Glass curtain walling system? Explain the types of glass curtain walls?


    Curtain walling systems are explained as the exterior structure of any building. This is useful to give an aesthetic appeal to outside walls of the building. Facade includes curtain walls, cladding elements, and window walls. Window walls are useful to install an interior structure of the building. Whereas curtain walls are installed at the outside of the building.

    No doubt aluminum is strong and durable material but glass also provides many benefits to your building. Many manufacturers designed aluminum and glass curtain walling in London which gives them extra security from harsh weather conditions.

    Types of curtain walling systems

    Curtain walling systems are basically used at commercial buildings in order to aesthetic appeal. There are two types such as unitized and stick curtain walling systems.

    Stick walling systems are defined as non-bearing walls that are designed with the millions, bars, and sticks.

    Unitized curtain walls are designed to install at large structures whereas stick walls are installed at small structures. Unitized curtain walls are too strong and durable than stick walls.

    Glass Curtain walling system

    Glass curtain walls are thin and lightweight in nature. These can be designed with the aluminum frame. Each glazing system needs careful integration with other basic components, for example, roofs, walls, and wall claddings etc. Glass curtain walls are often installed at a little part of the front or sometimes these are installed at the whole front structure. Aluminum is beneficial for glass walls because aluminum is considered as too strong material and it maximizes the strength of the glass curtain walls. These can be installed at any size of the building. These types of curtain walls do not require any additional help or weight.

    Glass curtain wall system types


    Pressure-equalized rain screen frameworks are the best if you need a framework to resist air and water penetration. A gasket encompasses the face of the glass and makes a pressure-equalized chamber that frames a water and air proof boundary. The outside structure of the glass and accompanying outside coating materials with the aluminum frames are useful.


    Water managed systems are used to control extra water to enter into the building. These systems are designed with glass fabricators that act as a barrier for water. These frameworks are useful to install in rainy areas in order to secure your building and belongings.


    Face-sealed systems are beneficial to give additional benefits of strength and durability. These systems are designed with sealed materials which are too strong and versatile. Moreover, these systems use glazing tapes in order to maximize the strength of the building structure.

    Glass curtain walls and thermal efficiency

    Glass curtain wall provides you insulation benefit. It is useful to decrease your electricity bills. Since it has property to control temperature and natural light which gives you pleasant appeal. More these types of systems protect your building from direct sunlight. Because sunlight is responsible to decrease the appeal of the building.

    Also, beneficial to increase the energy efficiency of the building. And you do not require additional cooling and warming units.

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