What are the various types of commercial and industrial doors in the market?

What are the various types of commercial and industrial doors in the market?

What are the various types of commercial and industrial doors in the market?


Advanced Shopfront & Shutters LTD: In case you are wondering which type of Roller shutter doors will suit your industrial or commercial space the best this article will help you a lot in choosing the best option.

  • Roller shutter door

Roller shutter is the best option available in the market for any type of place. The roller shutter can be opened & closed vertically. The working mechanism of the roller shutter door can be manual and electrical. According to your needs or preference, you can choose the one which fits your place the best. As compared to other options on the market its material and motor drive is considered as one of the best in safety and control.

  • Sectional overhead door

This is another popular option in the market. The door contains several horizontal panels which are around 400 to 600mm high and the width is around 10 meters.

The shutter panel is insulated and double skinned which has a thickness of around 40 to 80mm. There is a large spring system that helps in giving a perfect balance and this makes the working effortless. The weather sealing and stability is the best feature of these type of doors. As long as in your premises there is uninterrupted space investing in this option is ideal.

The most simple type of door is sliding ones which can be single or double bi partitioning which works by sliding them.

In most cases, these doors are operated manually and door panels in one section which can be in timber or double skimmed steel. You can choose the one which you like and in the size you need. This is best for warehouses, premises which have pedestrian doors, or farm buildings.

In case the headroom is limited then this option is considered as the best. Without the need of opening the entire door people can walk easily.

These types of doors can be constructed from insulated panels which can have a glazing section or not. No doubt the shutters offer a great amount of strength and stability once they are installed at your place. They can be operated manually as well as automatically.

  • Hinged doorset

These types of doors have single or double leaf arrangements. Most of the time the doors are manufactured from steel. The doorset signifies that sub fixing frame and another necessary part fitted by the experts. Its installation in modern buildings is very helpful as they offer sound insulation, fire protection, and many other benefits. The most common materials used are timber, aluminum, galvanized steel, and stainless steel.

  • Rolling grille

These are a type of door shutter and their main purpose is to offer proper vision and ventilation. These are installed in underground building vehicle access and high street retail store for maintaining security.


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