What Are The Utilities of Electric Roller Shutters?

What Are The Utilities of Electric Roller Shutters?

What Are The Utilities of Electric Roller Shutters?


You are certainly an odd one out if your building does not have a roller shutter. As roller shutters provide many premium advantages like strong security and supreme protection, they are a popular choice.

The aluminum sheet on the shutters grants ultimate protection. Electric shutters are readily provided by ADV. We also provide roller shutter repair services if you have a requirement for it. With the electric roller shutters, you can be assured of upward or downward movement without manual labor. The timing of the shutters can be controlled by the user automatically.

Facilities offered by Electric Roller Shutters:

Aesthetic Sense

The doors offer superior aesthetic sense in terms of matching color and texture. The modern-day companies are providing matching security solutions to the owners of the residential and commercial buildings. It is a great deviation from the standard colors which only used to be available in the bygone era. The modern customer can choose from a wide range of colors and textures to match his taste and existing color scheme.


It poses a problem in the commercial buildings to close or open the windows repeatedly during the working hours. The provision of automation solves this problem. The users can operate the window shutters through a remote. With these digital and wireless devices, it becomes easy to control the shutters.

Protection from the sun

Excessively harsh sunlight is a big botheration in the summer season. Buildings which face excessive sunlight are prone to wear and tear. The interior furniture may also get damaged due to it. The people can also experience skin rashes, stomach infections, sunburn, etc. due to sun exposure. It may also render the air conditioner ineffective due to the great amount of warmth. With a roller shutter, you can keep the interior protected from the sunlight.

Ultimate Privacy and security

ADV offers a shutter with ultimate privacy and optimum security. Incorporating the key switch mechanism enables the owners to maintain the privacy of the building. After installing the security key of the shutter, the trusted people can be supplied with the duplicates of the key. It will help in implementing the privacy and security of the building.

The maintenance part

With all the advantages comes one more…you don’t have to slog it out for cleaning them. The company will provide you with separate cleaning brushes for cleaning them. They help in cleaning the shutter automatically. They provide dust-free results with the minimum effort.

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