What are the topmost ways to fix the broken and damaged shutters parts?

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What are the topmost ways to fix the broken and damaged shutters parts?

What are the topmost ways to fix the broken and damaged shutters parts?


    Roller shutters are considered as the best security measure when it comes to protecting the home and business premises. No doubt, there is no other option that works similarly to the shutters. The shutters are durable and extremely important against security. But, at times there can be little accidents which can lead to minor damage to the shutters part.

    Keep in mind, when you want to get the shutter repair, always look for the professionals as they can give you detailed information on what needs to be done.

    In this article, we are going to mention the top steps to fix the broken shutter parts effectively:

    How can a broken louver pin be fixed?

    The broken louver pin is what keeps the louvers attached to the shutter panel. You will get to know when the louver pin is broken and it is like dangling from the frame whereas it needs to be horizontally connected.

    First of all, you need to remove the broken louver pin from the louver and side piece. This can be done effectively with a utility knife. Once you remove both of them, you need to add the replacement pin base into the vertical part of the shutters which is known as shutter stile, then comes guiding the louver onto the pin. By doing so, this will give the louver full range of motion and this will make it easier for the tilt rod and other louvers to move up & down.

    How do I fix the damaged broken shutter magnet?

    If your shutters stay shut, then this is caused by the broken louver magnet. Keep in mind, the magnet is not broken but the magnet of the plastic housing slits down from the window frame. If the magnet is attached with the shutter stile it will open which means magnet casing is broken.

    You need to unscrew the broken magnet from the shutter frame. Take the screwdriver and take out the magnet and broken casing. The new magnet will be fixed into the same holes with the screwdriver. Make sure it is screwed properly so that it is fixed in its place.

    What is the method to fix a broken tilt rod staple?

    Well, fixing the broken tilt rod staple is the most difficult one to do, because its size is extremely small. Although, it is an extremely straightforward job that will not take more than a few minutes.

    You know this problem has occurred when the louvers do not tilt in the right manner along with the rest of the louvers when you get the tilt rod adjusted. To get this fixed you need to have a bent needle-nose plier. It is best to go from the shutter back when you want to replace the one which is attached to the tilt rod.

    Hire professionals.

    Get in touch with the experts for quality shutters and roller shutter repair services.

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