What are the tips for keeping a roller shutter well-maintained and in top working condition?

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What are the tips for keeping a roller shutter well-maintained and in top working condition?

What are the tips for keeping a roller shutter well-maintained and in top working condition?


    Roller shutters not only add to your security, but they also perform many other functions such as filtering out the unwanted light as well as the sound. It is undoubtedly an effective and inexpensive way to maintain the beauty and security of your commercial and domestic premises.  They can fit in a small space and have hardly any maintenance issues. The same can be said about their efficiency.


    1. Adjust the lighting according to your preference

    Not only can you screen the light but also prevent unwanted noise, heat, and sound as well. You can expect the same job out of curtains but roller shutter definitely does it better. Also, the other advantages which they offer will not be possible with a curtain.

    1. The ideal temperature regulator

    Maintaining your internal temperature will no longer be an issue once you have the roller shutters installed. The shutters lock the air inside, and there are absolutely no chances of the heated or cooled air from escaping out. So you will have to spend less effort on heating or cooling your rooms.

    1. Keep your right to privacy intact

    Keep your private life away from the peeping toms by installing security shutters. With the roller shutters, you can be assured of your private life remaining so.

    How to maintain your roller shutters

    Roller shutters no doubt serve a lot of purposes, but you will have to ensure that they remain in an efficient working condition by maintaining them well. They don’t need much in the name of roller shutter repair. Here are a few tips-

    1. Keep them sparkling clean

    Keep away the excess dirt and debris by moving them in a vented position and spraying water from a hose on them. Wipe the shutters with a soapy sponge after that.

    1. Keep them free of sticky lubricants

    Try to use lubricant sprays with an anti-static. You can keep them in smooth operational condition by spraying the spray in small amounts on the guides and the clips on the track tops. This tip is especially useful for shutters older than 10 years.

    1. A lustrous finish

    Avoid the scratches and remove the dirt and grime. Methylated spirits are the best agent to use for covering up the blemishes and ensuring a shiny finish.

    1. Don’t leave anything on the sill

    Your shutter will fail to work efficiently if you are in the habit of leaving things on the window sills. Refrain from leaving anything on the sills as it tends to cause damage and physical deformity in the slats. You might end up with broken, damaged or bent roller shutters.

    1. Keep a check on the batteries

    It is imperative to check the condition of batteries as well. Check your handset. If the light on it has stopped working, it is most likely due to the battery’s failure. You can get it replaced by calling up the concerned company.

    1. Use, Use, Use

    Last but not least, use your shutters. They will definitely be rendered useless once you stop using them so make sure you put them to use.

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