What are the technical details of fire roller shutters?

What are the technical details of fire roller shutters?

What are the technical details of fire roller shutters?


We all have our share of fears and hazards when it comes to our buildings, whether residential or official. The natural calamities like extreme weather conditions,  tornadoes, storms, excessive rain are all major deterrents of our normal work schedule.The normal shutter may be enough to counter these conditions and grant us immunity from them so that our work schedule is not hampered. Fire is one of the factors which are highly destructive and dangerous to human life. One needs to protect oneself from the fire. Many provisions can be done at the time of construction of the building for fire prevention.One can also opt for fire rated roller shutters which are designed specially to contain the fire and limit its destruction. ADV provides you the most supreme quality of fire roller shutter in London.

 Although they look like the normal shutters, they have fire retardant properties. They may look no different than the single skin roller shutters but they are specially manufactured to retard fire and the feature can be seen in function only when the emergency arises.

How do fire rated roller shutters help in case of fire?

Security roller shutter in london which are built especially to prevent and fight fire are known as fire rated roller shutters. They are designed in such a way that they remain open in normal circumstances but immediately close shut when they sense fire. This feature helps in limiting the future to a certain area. The mechanism which helps in creating this feature is the melting of the fusible links. They start melting at a temperature of 68°C. As soon as they melt, the shutters close down. The shutters provide two to four-hour rating depending upon the material and technology used.

What other features do they have?

They are certified from the concerned authorities. They have all steel body, even the small components. The components provide perfect sealing capacity. They are available in various colors and textures. They can be customised according to your preference. You will not have any trouble with their looks as well as their functionality. One can add the features of electric release and delay timer if one so desires.

Technical details of fire shutters

One can also have the provision of smoke detectors, flashlights or buzzer alarms with the basic installation.

The fire shutters contain extra components and features which make them an ideal choice to prevent fire. Have a look at the features-

  1. The roller curtains are made up of cold rolled steel laths. These are secured by the use of steel rivets and pressed steel end rocks.
  2. Rolled Galvanised sections are quite deep and may be about 65 mm deep. These are fixed to galvanized angles for extra safety.
  3. The drum assembly comprises a steel tube with a 240 v motor secured to the door. It helps in opening and closing the door.
  4. Hoods are manufactured from 20wsg galvanized sheet steel.

5.The shutters can be opened or closed using a key switch. The system usually comes with a control panel with uninterrupted power supply.This panel has an interface for both the normal and fire condition. The shutters normally provide 4 hours of integrity from the fire.

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