What are the steps for maintaining shutters?

What are the steps for maintaining shutters?

What are the steps for maintaining shutters?


Shutters are finding use in the commercial as well as the domestic arena.  If you have installed a roller shutter, Congratulations, you have joined the bandwagon of smart people. But buying and installing isn’t enough.  But you need not worry about the whole issue as shutter maintenance is not a tedious task. We will shortly be divulging details about that. But first we would like to gently remind you that in case you find the maintenance too much for you to handle, you can always count on us. We specialize in roller shutter repair as well as installation. Just follow the mentioned rules and you will never find your shutters dirty and worn down.

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Never ever use a harsh detergent or furniture polish on your shutters. Wood polish might be used in moderation on wooden shutters. Mild dish detergents are the best bet for cleaning the Roller shutters. Bleach can be used in a water-based solution form but it might cause discoloration in some cases.

The Golden Rule

One cleaning trick suits all the shutters-vacuuming and dusting. A regular dusting routine with a dry cloth is all that you need to do on a daily basis. In case there is too much accumulation, you can opt for using a vacuum cleaner. These two methods will always be effective for all kinds of shutters.

Wood Shutters

These can be cleaned best with a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth. Whereas a vacuum cleaner is just fine, a damp cloth should be used carefully. Care should be taken that they should not be left damp for too long as this might lead to cracking and warping. You wouldn’t want a worn down or a cracked up, would you?

Vinyl Shutters

Vinyl shutters are basically made up of hollow plastic; therefore, they are relatively easy to clean. Mostly they have loose pin hinges which allow them to be detached. So detach them and clean them either in the sink or by running hose water on them. A mild soap and a cloth dipped in warm water may be used for further cleaning. Do take care to dry them completely before reattaching them.

Composite shutters

Composite shutters can be cleaned in the same way as the Vinyl Shutters. There will be no problems if you wet them during cleaning. However, you will have to be careful regarding their dryness. They should be completely dry at the end.

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