What are the necessary ways to measure for a new security roller shutter?

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What are the necessary ways to measure for a new security roller shutter?

What are the necessary ways to measure for a new security roller shutter?


    Are you looking for a new roller shutter installation in your home or office? Well! You need to be careful that the correct approach is followed for roller shutter measurement. To get things done correctly, you need to be careful to choose the professionals for installation and shutter repair in London. For the measurement of security shutters, here’s what you need to follow.

    Begin with preparation

    For smooth and correct measuring, all the necessary accessories should be easily accessible. The materials and tools need to be kept correctly so that the installation is carried out smoothly.

    If the system is mounted outside, then the focus needs to be given to security. You should never go out of the window to get the measurement.

    Get the measurement of the Security shutter

    The professionals will measure the width and height of the curtain, which helps in ensuring the shutter is manufactured of the right dimension.

    If mounted outside, then the window needs to be opened first. This allows reaching the guiding rails and you can get the measurement from the interior.

    *If there is a problem with the measurement the shutter won’t come out in the right size. You can choose from the uPVC or aluminum shutter. To ensure that everything is properly installed, hire professionals.

    How to Measure Width?

    Professionals take the roller shutter width from the exterior from brick to brick. The measurement is done at 2 places:

    • Initially the windows top
    • After that the window bottom

    In case, both the measurements are different then choose the small one. Around 99% of the shutter measurement is noted by mm. If you are trying to measure on your own then be precise with it as you might get it wrong.

    How to measure height?

    Measurement of height and width is done in the same manner which is from brick to brick. As mentioned earlier, the measurement is carried in 2 places:

    • First at the window top
    • Second from the window bottom

    The rest of the process is the same as for the width measurement. The professionals will not down everything so that the final product is manufactured with perfection. They will make sure that the shutters fit correctly in one go so that no one’s time is wasted.

    Please Pay Attention To

    Make sure to consider these points for the accurate measurement of roller shutters at your place:

    • If the door or window opens externally, can it get opened when the roller shutter is installed?
    • The shutter hangs down to around 55mm which reaches the guide rails and this is below the shutter box.
    • Get the measurement from the top, middle, and bottom to check the clear opening.
    • Make sure roller head-plates have the right place along with shutter guide rails, and roller shutter box.

    If you want to know about the roller shutter installation price and much more, then get in touch with our team. The expertise and knowledge of our team will give you accurate information.

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