What are the different types of Rolling Shutter Doors?

What are the different types of Rolling Shutter Doors?

What are the different types of Rolling Shutter Doors?


Different Types of Rolling Shutter Based on Used

Roller shutters are an emerging trend. They find uses everywhere, be it domestic or commercial premises.  Whatever be your choice or requirement, come to us if a security shutter in London is your concern. We deal not only in the installation but also automatic doors repair in London. So ditch all your worries after opting for us. We further divulge information about the basic kinds of roller shutters.

  1. Industrial Roller shutters

They are a crucial requirement if you own an industry and are in need of granting protection to it. It is a known fact that one needs security and safety 24*7, whether the office is open or closed. During the office hours, it is imperative to ensure the safety of your employees, visitors, and your valuable assets. Smooth operation, speedy opening, and closing operations are just some of the plus points it offers. Protection from the harsh weather conditions and maintaining a conducive temperature also adds to the advantage. At night, your hard earned cash and assets are at a high risk, given the fact that industrial areas usually wear a deserted look.

  1. Fire Rated Rolling Shutters

If you want a roller shutter which can effectively ward off inferno emergencies more effectively than other shutters, Fire rated roller shutters are just what you need. These are specifically manufactured to keep the fires at bay. They are installed at places which are susceptible to a fire by virtue of their location or the activities carried out. They come equipped with special links which detect fire and shut down automatically if they sense a danger. This helps the other area from being free from fire for a lot of time by keeping the area shut off. Such shutters are used in student canteens, hotel kitchens, and restaurants. At Such places, a fire breakout may just trigger in the time frame of just a few seconds.

  1. Commercial Roller Shutters

Commercial shutters are used for securing shops and office areas. They are built keeping in mind that they need to cater to commercial needs. They are built out of sturdy materials like steel, aluminium which offer optimum protection. They are available in perforated or basic version according to the specifications of the prospective client. While the basic design follows the conventional pattern, the perforated version allows the flow of sunlight and ventilation. They are crucial for granting protection after the business hours cease. Like other shutters, they also offer insulation from the harsh weather. Another desirable point worth mentioning is that they keep the cold out during winters and keep the place cool when the summer sun scorches outside. Decreased used of electricity to maintain a comfortable temperature cuts your power bill and adds to your pocket. 

  1. Domestic Roller Shutters

Homes can also benefit from the usage of roller shutters. A person’s family is the most precious asset in his life. People are increasingly opting for domestic roller shutters to safeguard their families and their valuables. Domestic shutters are manufactured specially to suit the domestic requirements.


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