What are the common problems that need urgent roller shutter repair?

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What are the common problems that need urgent roller shutter repair?

What are the common problems that need urgent roller shutter repair?


    Roller shutters are the most important part of protecting the premises against different situations. Once the shutters are installed, it is important to call the professionals for maintenance and shutter repair service. In this blog, we will go through some of the points to help you understand why you need roller shutter repair.

    Signs you need roller shutter repair

    • Failed motor

    Signs you need roller shutter repair: Failed or malfunctioning motors are the main culprit; the shutters do not work smoothly. If you hear unwanted noises from the motor or it stops in between before closing, then they need to be serviced on time.

    Hiring the technicians is going to fix the problem with its working and they will operate like normal.

    • The track is dirty or has an obstruction

    It is a simple fix but it can create a major problem. It is important to clean the shutters on time. If they are dirty then it won’t function properly. You need to clean them on time, otherwise, it can lead to obstruction. The guides may be worn out. If you don’t take shutter maintenance seriously then you need to get them replaced in the future.

    • Roller shutters stop in the midway

    If your roller shutters stop in the midway, then the proximity sensors may be damaged. They are not set the way it needs to. No matter what the issue is, it is due to the poor installation. You need to call the technicians and they can guide you better how this problem can be addressed.

    • Buckles in the shutter door

    This problem occurs when the roller shutter material is of low quality. If this is the case, then the shutter part will get damaged easily due to the weather. If this is the problem the team will replace the dented panels or the full panel can be replaced. You need to contact the professionals and they can tell you better which option is best for your budget.

    Just make sure when you are looking to buy the shutters, contact the team of professionals and they can give you the premium shutters which last for a long time.

    • Shutters are not opening easily

    At times, when you try to open the shutters they do not function smoothly. The motor may be malfunctioning as it is extremely old. It is possible the chains are rusted which makes it difficult to operate them smoothly.

    You can call the professionals and they will get the shutters fixed easily.

    Ask professionals to make an informed choice

    If you are planning to get the shutters then you should consult our ADV experts. They will give you detailed information on which type of shutters are the best. Moreover, they will tell you about the different materials and which one will suit your needs.


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