What alternatives are available with the aluminum curtain walls for business premises?

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What alternatives are available with the aluminum curtain walls for business premises?

What alternatives are available with the aluminum curtain walls for business premises?


    Among the many popular options for business premises, curtain walling is gaining grounds. This is because of the aesthetic appearance that it adds to the building. Curtain walling is a system of providing walls to the business premises in the form of curtains. They come in two varieties namely, glass and aluminum. The aluminum curtain walls are being greatly deployed in the large business structures because of the insulation properties, allowance of natural light, and the waterproof installation features they offer. Their installation to any building structure is quite convenient.

    Benefits of aluminum curtain walls

    Curtain walling in London has become quite popular due to the pros it has.

    • The aluminum curtain walls allow more influx of light to the building. The amount of natural light required in the building can be easily altered with the use of aluminum curtain walls. Some business operations have more need of light while others may not require much light. Thus, as per the necessity, the curtain walls can be adjusted and inflow of light can be decided.
    • These curtain walls are also beneficial in terms of protection from rain and moisture. The curtain walls are sealed with a sealant. The sealant needs to be checked and changed only once a year.
    • The other very important advantage of aluminum curtain walls is that they save the energy and lighting costs of the premises due to insulation properties that they have. They are, therefore, really helpful in saving the workers in the building during extreme winters because they can be totally locked and the air flow is totally restricted.

    Options available in aluminum curtain walls

    Aluminum curtain walls have two variants stick system and semi-unitized systems.

    • The stick systems are the type of aluminum curtain walls that are fixed on the building site. First of all, the frame of the curtain wall is fixed and after that, glazing is inserted to the frame. They are more suitable for those buildings which have complicated structures as they are made as per the requirement of the building. They are fitted to the buildings which do not have much height or low-rise building structures. Besides, they are an economical alternative.
    • The semi-unitized systems are also installed on site. The difference is that they are pre-manufactured in the warehouse. They are especially suitable for high-rise buildings. They are specially built to suit the extremities of the weather. They can be installed quickly and have great quality. They are mouthed on the building with the help of a mini crane. The only drawback is that they can add to the shipping cost because of being transported from the place of manufacture to the place of their requirement.

    Overall,  The best thing is that they are fixed on site which makes them more suitable as they can be customized and tailor-made as the specifications of the building ensuring maximum quality and precision and minimization of waste and imperfections.

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