What Are The Types Of Security Roller Shutters Available In The Market?

What Are The Types Of Security Roller Shutters Available In The Market?

What Are The Types Of Security Roller Shutters Available In The Market?


Advanced Shopfront & Shutters LTD: For the shopfront, security and privacy are the utmost important thing. It is extremely important to make sure all the products are visible to the customers so that they have an idea of what your business is all about. Additionally, the security needs to be at the foremost level so that the intruders cannot get inside your building easily.

When you hire the professionals they will give you detailed information about the roller shutter maintenance and shutter repair. This way it will help the shutters to last for a long time.

 Type of roller shutters

Roller shutters

When it comes to security and improved privacy, nothing can beat the security shutters. The shutters are made of extremely strong and durable material which can withstand any weather condition very easily.

Roller grills

Roller grills are the perfect choice for maximum visibility. With their installation, space becomes better. Installation of the grills in an economic option which helps to open the space in a better way. The security and performance, the installation of the roller grills is the ideal choice and you can even get them customized to have a modern look.

Facade transparent polycarbonate shutters

Facade roll-up shutters are made of polycarbonate and they offer maximum visibility which is around 80 percent. They are extremely superior and they are the perfect choice for your shopfront.

K90 punched aluminum security shutters

K90 shutters are made from extruded aluminum which has cut-outs. Not only does it offer visibility but they are lightweight and extremely strong. If you are looking for something attractive then these shutters will work very well with the shopfront.

 Clear look polycarbonate roll-up shutters

The clear look polycarbonate security shutters are made from panels that contain steel rods. These types of security shutters are strong and they also offer maximum security and high level of visibility. So, it means you can display your products in a better manner.

Viewguard roll-up shutters

Viewguard roll-up shutters contain different small and round holes in the curtain. They are lit from inside, which allows the potential clients to see what you have displayed inside the shop. This helps in giving a semi-transparent effect and helps to increase the security of your place.

Opaque roll-up shutters

If the visibility is not a major concern, then you can get the non-transparent roll-up shutters. They contain solid steel shutters that offer complete privacy and security at your place. Moreover, you can even get them customized as per your need for design and color.

Contact the experts

The professionals will let you know which you should get and how you can get them customized so that they match your place. Hiring professionals will make everything much easier and effective.

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