What are the different types of roller shutter available for the commercial and industrial sector?

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What are the different types of roller shutter available for the commercial and industrial sector?

What are the different types of roller shutter available for the commercial and industrial sector?


    Advanced Shopfront & Shutters Ltd, Roller Shutter Door: Business owner is always concerned about security and protection of the entire place. For that, one of the best option available in the market is roller shutter. Moreover, they are the best option for both the commercial and industrial sector.

    Our company also manufacture and install the roller shutter for commercial as well as industrial sector. Additionally, the team focuses on installing the shutter with zero error. In case, you are not sure which product to choose then our team can guide you according to your requirement.

    Type of Roller Shutter Door

    • Steel roller shutter

    If you want something strong that the material should be heavyweight then you can consider the option of steel for roller shutter door. Moreover, whichever option you choose the shutter will add an additional layer of security and protection to the entire place. The shutter can be operated manually as well as electrically.

    • Aluminum roller shutter

    Looking for something lightweight option of shutters then you should consider aluminum as an option. It means you can easily operate than the material is very flexible and it doesn’t require much effort. You can also get them installed on the window, garage door, warehouse door, and bar grills. They also provide weather safety.

    • Collapsible gate

    If your shop or business premises is very small then coll gates are the best option. This way, the problem of having a room for getting an overhead shutter will be solved.

    These gates are hung on the top, which is guided by floor track and pin. It can be easily manufactured in a different format according to your requirement. They can be easily opened in any direction or can be split in the middle.

    • Transparent rolling shutter

    You might know this that roller shutter is available in transparent option also. This way it helps in giving visibility but also make the entire place secure. This option is very durable and they can be operated automatically. It means you don’t have to put too much effort into the opening or closing them. It is the best option for displaying the product in your shop so that the customers get to know what you are offering them. If you want something for partition in the garden then you can consider this option. You also get the benefit of protecting the entire place from UV rays.

    • Steel personnel door

    Our team also manufacture the door for pedestrian access so that people don’t face any problem while entering or going out of the shop. They can be installed in a double door and a single door. If you want something that can protect the place against fire than that option is also available.

    If you have any problem or query then you can contact our team and they will let you everything regarding the installation process.

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