Types and Advantages of Curtain Wall System

Types and Advantages of Curtain Wall System

Types and Advantages of Curtain Wall System


Curtain wall system is in trend because of the development in terms of high-rise buildings. Actually, it is an aluminium-framed wall which can be come in different fillings like glass, metal panels etc. This framing doesn’t have to bear the roof or floor load as it is joined to the structure of building directly. The trend of curtain walling installation in london is increasing day by day.

Types of Curtain Wall system

Mainly two types of curtain wall system are present which depend on the method of assembling of components.

Stick Curtain Wall system: In this type, a piece by piece of the component assembling on the building structure. This kind of system is best for buildings of low-rise. The reason behind it is that to reach higher elevations, one must have exterior access. This type of system offer flexibility as there is much space for onsite adjustments. The run time or validity of this system is very high in very reasonable shipping cost, labor and time consumption.

Unitized Curtain Wall system:

The main parts of this type of system are assembled in the factory. All these components are brought from the factory in form of single unit, then these are installed. By this, the requirement of individual installation is cleared. The size of the curtain walls depends on the floor which is directly proportional to the floor height of the structure. Such systems don’t need any external support like crane etc. Only temporary hoist can do this task easily. In this system, you can get benefits of quick construction and good quality.

Different components used in a curtain wall

Here are the structural elements that are required for a single kind of system or unit, which is installed on the structure of the building.

  1. Anchor
  2. Transom
  3. Mullions
  4. Vision Glass

Cost of Installing curtain wall London:

The cost of this system depends on the type of curtain wall you like. It provides protection to the exterior as well as interior of the building.

Advantages of Curtain Walls

There are many advantages of the different types of these systems which are as following:

  1. It keeps out air and water

The primary purpose of this kind of shield is to keep air and water out of building, which acts as a buffer as well as an insulator. Buildings with such kind of curtains can be easily maintained as it has protective shield build in.

  1. Attractive Appearance

This shielding materials are becoming famous because of its attractive appearance as it offers clean, unique appearance associated with contemporary design.

  1. It can slow down the spread of fire

These curtains act as a barrier between different floors to prevent the fire to transfer across the building surface. This kind of barriers are very important for taller buildings.

Many modern buildings have curtain walls because of its advantages. There are many ways to install these air or water barriers in a very better, faster and cost-effective way. So, give protection to your building from water, moisture with these kinds of shielding material.

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