What are the topmost tips to remove rust from the roller shutter?

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What are the topmost tips to remove rust from the roller shutter?

What are the topmost tips to remove rust from the roller shutter?


    A good roller shutter is built to last for a long time. No doubt, the security shutters are a perfect option to increase the security and privacy of your place. To make sure the shutters function in the same manner then you need to keep up with the maintenance.

    You need to make sure that you call the professionals for Roller shutter repair at the right time so that the shutters work properly.

    Tip 1: Remove the Rust

    Rust can be removed effectively with the wire brush. Make sure you scrub it very gently on the door surface so that it does not leave any scratch. Use the brush in a very small circular motion. While removing the rust, you might remove some paint. However, you can repaint the shutter again once you are done. If you are not sure what to do, then make sure to hire the professionals and get everything done in the right manner.

    Tip 2: Use Sandpaper

    This will complement the wire brush you have used. You need to take sandpaper and then rub it on the affected area in a circular motion. Once you are done with one portion, move to another and repeat the same step until the rust does not go away. Sand away the rust so that it does not occur again. Once you are done, use a soft brush and clean all the dirt, dust, and debris.

    Tip 3: Use Vinegar

    You need a sponge and dab some vinegar on it. Allow it to absorb the rust properly for 30 minutes. In case, it does not work then you should apply vinegar again and let it sit for more time to work on the rest of the rust.

    Tip 4: Use Baking soda

    In case, the rust is still there then use baking soda along with water. Apply this paste on the affected area and let it sit for 30 minutes. After that, use a soft cloth to wipe away the paste.

    Tip 5: Clean the shutter

    Take water and detergent in a bucket or container. Use this mixture to clean the rust particles, dirt, or any other leftover remnants. Once you are done, use a soft towel to wipe away the excess water.

    Tip 6: Use a Rust sealant

    Make sure you use a rust sealant to prevent the occurrence of the rust again on the security shutters. You should do this on the entire door surface. Let the rust sealant absorb into the door surface completely before you apply paint.

    Hire the professionals

    You need to be very alert if you see the rust development in the form of discolored spots on the shutters. The rust occurrence can be prevented if you hire the professionals on time for regular maintenance. 

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