Tips of Retail Storefront Window Displays

Tips of Retail Storefront Window Displays

Tips of Retail Storefront Window Displays


To attract the customers, to retain them and to increase the sales retail business owners apply various strategies like Storefront window displays.  Only the appropriate and effective retail window displays can hit the nail and could attract the potential customers so if you want to appeal to the heart and head of your customers then you must have good displays by choosing the best colors, decor and stock arrangements.

Shopfronts for the customer seeking businessman

How to have the best and perfect retail window displays?

Window displays or window dressing is the best way to command the customer’s attention so it should be done in a manner that customers can easily get attracted towards to your shop or store and your sales can be increased.

To have the successful window dressing there are different elements for which we must plan beforehand including the graphic designs, placement of products, color schemes etc. even the store owner needs to plan about various things before window dressing like whether he wants the display of economical products or of the expensive ones, is there any need to display the  price tags , what should be the schedule for changing the window display means weekly, monthly or on alternate day, is there any theme that you should follow while displaying the window ?

Thus there are many such aspects that must be considered and planned perfectly before window display. Even there is a need to keep your window dressing up to date with the changing trends, seasons (if a seasonal business like clothing) or according to the taste of the people. So window display is not an easy task if you want to have the perfect display that could knock the doors of heart and heads of customers then there is need of a lot of planning. Following are some tips that may help you to have the perfect window display

Precise measurements

Before planning for the window display it is important to take the precise measurements of the window. During the measurements, you should note down the obstructions like beams and even need for lights so that you could design the best display for the window. Even for impressing the customers you must install the attractive shopfront designed by the reputed and best Storefront Fitters Company so that you could have icing on the cake means the best entrance with the best display to hit the nail.

 Do not ignore competitors

If you want to have the unique look of your display that could attract the customers then you must check out the displays of your business competitors so that could have an idea about their positive and negative points about their displays and you could plan your window dressing accordingly.

Display plan

As discussed above before going for window display it is important to have an idea about what you want to display and what is your purpose behind it so that you could make and implement your display plan accordingly.


Adding adequate lights in your display can make your job of attracting the people make easier for instance if your store ambiance is dark even during the day then yellow light may highlight your display and can give it a golden glow.


Use of props in your display can really do magical work for attracting the customers for instance if you are having clothing business then mannequins can be used to decorate the window

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