Tips for maintaining your automatic door

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Tips for maintaining your automatic door

Tips for maintaining your automatic door


    Automatic doors are doors, which open automatically, mostly on sensing any person approaching the door.

    Just like we take care of ourselves, so it also becomes important to take care of the things we own. Automatic doors are also one such thing, which if not taken proper care of, will start giving you trouble. Hence it is important that we look after them, or they stop functioning, all of a sudden.

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    Some tips on maintaining automatic doors

    You already have an automatic door at your place, but you didn’t have the least idea that you could extend their lifespan.  Just a little bit of maintenance from your side and you are done. To help you with the process, given below are some tips and tricks.

    Keep observing your doors

    Every time you use your doors, make an observation. Do they open or close smoothly? Do they create any noise or do they operate in silence? Are the sides of door symmetrical? Keeping an eye on your doors would allow you to see possible dangers, which can be ruled out, early on time.

    Check the balance of the door

    Check if the door is balanced or not, in case of an unbalanced door, then it will need your door to work hard to open and shut, which will eventually make the door more prone to wear and tear. Keeping your door closed, disconnect the automatic opener release mechanism. After it opens by hands, check if you can open it smoothly.

    Go through roller and tracks

    Despite the material, out of which rollers and tracks are made of, it becomes very important for you to have it inspected, at short intervals. You can also replace it with a new one after a period of 7 years so that it is maintained for the longest time. In case any crack or chip is visible, you need to replace it as soon as you can

    Oil on the wheels

    Oiling or lubricating the parts is very important to make sure that automatic doors are in good condition. So, you can spray white metal grease, lightweight household oil.

    Check if anything is loose.

    Loose screws and bolts may lead to accidents and injuries, so it is important to make sure that there is not a single nut, bolt, screw which is left loose. In case you have noticed or seen any, then tighten it. Also, you need to make sure that all parts are checked, even if heya re minor ones.

    Call the experts

    Last, but certainly not the least thing to do is to maintain your doors, so they stay long, and for that, it is very important that you call upon, the experts to do the needful. Won’t it be better to have an experienced look for any kind of damage? Not only will they provide you with a diagnosis of the problem, but will also guide you to prevent them in the future. Your emergency shutter repair London can be done by ADV

    Since the doors are being used multiple times, daily, it goes without saying that they will have problems, but taking care of them is our concern.

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