Tips and tricks of cleaning and maintaining roller shutters

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Tips and tricks of cleaning and maintaining roller shutters

Tips and tricks of cleaning and maintaining roller shutters


    There have been remarkable variations in the construction and designing of homes and industries these days. There are many alternatives for setting up of exteriors in modern residences and commercial establishments. The roller shutters seem to have taken the prime spot due to their multiple features and benefits. However, they also demand adequate care and attention to increase their longevity. This calls for shutter maintenance which is quite imperative.

    Methods can be adapted for cleaning the Roller Shutters

    There are various ways of cleaning the shutters and some of them are discussed below:

    1. An easy way of cleaning roller shutters requires a soft cloth, mild detergent, and water. Firstly, the cloth is dipped in mild detergent and rubbed over the shutter for removing the dust that is accumulated over the shutter. Then, the cloth is washed to make it clean. The clean cloth is rubbed over the shutter for absolute cleaning giving it a shiny look.
    2. Another way of cleaning the shutters is with the use of lubricant sprays. The give a no chaotic cleaning to the shutters. It is very important to do away with the use of silicon-based products or sticky products because they lead to the spreading of grease on the shutter. The local hardware stores sell lubricant sprays. The lubricant cleaning is required once in a year for those shutters which have been set up for more than 10 years.
    3. The shutter can also be cleaned by spraying a mild detergent on the closed shutter and then cleaning the shutter with a soft brush. To avoid any disturbance in the way of the set of up of slats, the brush is to be used in the up and down motion particularly.
    4. The shutters are bound to develop scratches due to regular opening and closing and they get worn out by continuous usage. The most appropriate way is to clean them for replenishment of their shine. The methyl-inclusive spirit can be used for this purpose.
    5. The base of shutters should be kept absolutely clutter-free to avoid any disturbance to the motion and working of the shutters. The wild storms and strong winds are generally responsible for deposition of clutter beneath the surface of shutters. They should be removed as soon as the wind or storm halts.
    6. The roller shutters are mostly remote-operated. This makes their battery weak overtime. This is clear when the red light appears on the remote. The batteries can be changed as per the instructions mentioned on the remote.
    7. Lastly, there are some places where the roller shutter need not be used daily and they remain closed for a large period of time. The shutters at such places should be opened once in a week. This makes sure that their movement is smooth and they are free from rust or getting jammed.

    Repair of roller shutters is not a herculean task. Thus, the shutters which are providing extreme benefit to the establishment should be taken care of by the premise owner too.

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