The Most usual Problem of Roller Shutter Repair

The Most usual Problem of Roller Shutter Repair

The Most usual Problem of Roller Shutter Repair


Advanced Shopfront and Shutters Ltd: For years and years of ups and downs, our garage doors need a leak for the wear and tear they suffer. Roller Shutter repair is usually the need of every homo sapien that owns a garage. 

I’m my Handyman

Safety is something most people of our era neglect. It’s easy to lose control of the things you perform if not done professionally. It is for one’s safety that a professional must be hired for roller shutter repair as a safety precaution.

Remote Control

Sometimes the sensors don’t work if you are too close to the door. This happens due to the similarity between the waves of different commands that are present in the control.

There is another possibility of low battery power. Reprogramming of the remote can also be done to try to make it work (different for different remotes). You can refer to the manual of the door garage and it’s remote. If there’s a lot of dust around the place you keep the remote, you might need to check the sensor area for any dust particles or something else that might block the remote to the response. These problems are common and are often the reason for remote control not working properly, however, if that’s not the case you can Contact Us for any query.

Noise! I Can’t Bear That Noise!

Ever got a complaint from neighbors for Garage being too noisy? Sometimes the noise can be a cause for a bigger problem.

Sometimes the rollers or tracks at the top of the garage door need some greasing. There can also arise an issue related to springs, which can be replaced very easily.

Not Filling up the Lower Space

Sometimes, the problem doesn’t lie with the opening of the door but an opening gap below while closing the roller shutter. This might be due to the close limit switch. Try changing the values of the closing switch to make it work.

Another reason again lies in the damage of rollers above. In that case, simply contact a Roller Shutter Repair Handyman and have it replaced.

Winter is Coming

Winters jams your doors and shutters which might happen due to stiffness of rollers. This can be rectified by lubricating the rollers. This can also be caused by the stiffness of the motor. Adjust the dial of the motor or try adding a lubricant if there’s a problem.

Cracked Sealant

A sealant is used to prevent any water to come inside the garage. If the sealant breaks or there’s a crack in some wall, simply change the old sealant (if any) with a new one.

If any of the above problems arise, you can Contact Us: Advanced Shopfront and Shutters Ltd

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