Solutions which we can consider for a Noisy Motor in Your Rolling Shutters

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Solutions which we can consider for a Noisy Motor in Your Rolling Shutters

Solutions which we can consider for a Noisy Motor in Your Rolling Shutters


    With the advancement of technology many people are now adopting the new trend like roller shutter but with these many limitations and demerits also comes. We have to deal with them the utmost care for longer durability. People now instead of roller shutter repair prefer other methods to make it completely noise-free.

    Some of the steps which we can follow and consider in our day to day life to make it the way we want it.

    2. REPAIRS


    Motor parts are often sometimes lacking in the condition where they need to be repaired in such a manner that it needs a fully lubrication. In order to improve the overall scenario, you need to properly lubricate the shutter full of the amenities. Lubrication also helps to reduce the noise as it makes the motor work easy and much more effective as compared to before. Also, it does not make the use of very thick oils or grease but mild lubricant products which are easily accessible in the market.

    To lubricate the only one or two parts of the motor, you can locate the outer covering and also removes the cover box which is located on the top of the rolling shutter unit and it can help to assist when you do such things around it.


    A noisy motor somehow can also be caused due to the damaged or some loose parts. To inspect the proper guidance you need to make sure that the motor is disconnected from the mains power supply so that no part is reattached. You should be sure that tightening up is the important task to be done at the end.


    Inspect the motor gears and in addition to this, you should also see that if any of that part is corroded then the rusty metal gears tend to create noise during operations. If the gears are not properly treated then it might lead to a bad impact on the shutter doors and windows. If there are some slight rusty parts then you can replace them with the new ones so that it becomes easy to remove the cleaners and easy to replace the overly corroded parts.


    A motor in good condition can be maintained and repaired at any cost and it can also help to reduce the noise problem. The other issues related to the machine also get solved with the replacement of the old motor with the new one.

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