Signs That Indicate Your Roller Shutters Need Repair

Signs That Indicate Your Roller Shutters Need Repair

Signs That Indicate Your Roller Shutters Need Repair


Hayes: If you have been living without a roller shutter, you indeed come under a unique species. All the strata of humankind are immensely happy with the shutters. It is not a surprise given the fact that shutters offer maximum security accompanied by good looks and longevity. Advanced Shopfront & Shutters LTD has been providing quality services related to shutters manufacturing, installation and roller shutter repair.

We have talked at length about the significance, material, and advantages of the shutters. In this article, we intend to mention a few guidelines about roller shutters and their repair. 

Physical damage

This option is easy to find as it is visible physically. If the slats are bent or you can see other visible signs of physical damage, then call the repair experts immediately. The damage could be due to daily wear and tear, misuse or attempts to enter illegally.

Roller Shutters start malfunctioning

Whatever the type of shutter, it must be easily operable. It should be able to open or close easily. If you are having difficulty in opening or closing the shutters, then get it repaired immediately. Refrain from operating the shutters in this condition as it will lead to a replacement.

Strange noises in the motor

If the motor is making strange noises, it is a sign that your shutter needs repair. If you have an electric shutter, the motor should work efficiently without making a noise. In case you hear unusual noises from it, there is a need to call the shutter repair people. The motor may make grinding, screeching or clicking sounds which indicate a problem

Broken Cords

The cords are used to help in the opening and closing of the manual shutters. If the cords become damaged, then the shutters require immediate attention.

Leaks and seepage

If you notice water seeping inside your shutters, then there is a leakage in it. This means that the seals on the doors and windows have stopped functioning properly. While water seepage might not cause much damage but the influx of insects and the chances of fire entering the building become high. If you spot any leakage, then it is best to get shutter repaired as soon as possible.

Loss of Alignment

A misaligned shutter will not close properly. This development will mean compromising on your security, privacy and many advantages which they offer in the perfect running condition.

A problem in the Tracks

The tracks of the shutters should also be stable. If your shutters shake during operation, it could mean that the tracks of the shutters are dislodged from their position. Keep a watch on these signs as ignoring them could lead to serious issues later on. Ignoring these signs could also be hazardous to the people and property in your building.

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